Marcus Devant Is Finally Back On The Music Scene And Ready To Entertain The World

Marcus Devant is back! Some may be wondering where this talented singer has been for a while. Here are the latest updates. In a recent interview, Marcus Devant stated, “I needed time to reinvent myself. Two things I needed to learn were business and advertising. Those are the two things I had no knowledge of before. That greatly hindered my growth as an artist. I used business as a stepping stone to get to where I really wanted to be. I needed a way to push my talents far and business paved the way to create the income to do it.” He was also recorded stating, “This entire time, I’ve been working hard on my talents. I never threw away my talents. I just took this time away to perfect my craft and learn advertising. It’s been a long journey. Now I’m more ready than ever. The only thing I regret is not coming back sooner but the more I think about it, all this time away was very worth it. It allowed me to become the best version of myself that I could possibly be. Music has always been my true passion. I can’t wait to show everyone how far I’ve come musically.”

Marcus Devant is a self-taught singer, musician, songwriter, producer and more. This artist brings his own style of Pop and R&B and a smooth voice that is sure to please. He is ready to give the music world what they’ve been waiting for. Anyone who has ever been to any of his performances have probably heard his 2011 song, “What U Are”

If his fans enjoyed his performances at the House Of Blues, Rolling Stones and Knitting Factory, there’s no doubt that they’ll enjoy what he has coming up next. He definitely loves to put on a stellar live show! He will first be performing all over the Las Vegas area. Then he will be touring in various cities around the country. Fans can subscribe to his website to hear about the latest shows and events. The best part about the subscription is that it’s absolutely free. Remember the name – Marcus Devant.

More information can be found about this amazing artist including music and live performances by visiting his new website at

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