Padma Ali Launches a Free 3 Part Video Series called Discover Your Personal Success Formula.

Padma Ali is a Leadership Performance Coach, Energy Alignment Expert, Psychotherapist and founder of the Create Your Vibrant Life Podcast

For over 20+ years Padma Ali was an active licensed Psychotherapist who helped clients in treating any mental and emotional disorders within the context of marriage and family. After developing a successful private practice, Padma Ali decided to shift gears and use her greater gifts and skills to help entrepreneurs, high performance executives, and team organizations reach new levels of fulfillment. Padma Ali is also a Certified Life Coach, Certified Hypnotist & NLP Practitioner, plus she has trained extensively in traditional and non-traditional modalities, including Energy Healing. She also serves as a residential coach for one of the greatest leaders and entrepreneurs in the subconscious reprogramming space.

She is dedicated to helping evolved entrepreneurs and high-performance executives discover their personal success formula to not only expand your personal growth but also to guide you to reach new levels of spiritual awakening & healing. In addition, with the approach as spiritual business mentor, she uses usinner guidance and intuition to increase business profits by removing invisible barriers such as negative thoughts patterns, habits, and energetic blueprints that are keeping you from living a more fulfilling life.

Padma Ali has recently put a lot more emphasis on teaching her coaching clients to have rapid transformational growth through her well-known method called The N.E.W You Formula Blueprint. The N.E.W You Blueprint ™ is Padma Ali’s proprietary formula that helps unravel years of programming and beliefs. This unique blueprint combines Neuropsychology, Energy Healing, and Wisdom to create long-lasting transformation in all areas of your life now. Many highly successful entrepreneurs, executives, and company-based teams have been able to see high increases in profits, sales, better relationships, strengthen team dynamic, have better levels of fulfillment and more.

Through her Create Your Vibrant Life Podcast and her high-level leadership private coaching she has also helped her clients specifically skyrocket their home/work productivity in less time, discover what it means to finally prioritize themselves, accelerate your career growth path, clear behind work-related trauma, get rid of perfectionism & habits, but overall create impact and learn how to tune into inner guidance/intuition.

After much request, Padma Ali has now released a complimentary and comprehensive 3 part video series called “Develop Your Personal Success Formula”. Inside this free training you will learn how to identify and shift your deep rooted beliefs, clear unconscious energetic imprints, and unlock your inner wisdom so that entrepreneurs and career professionals can create your vibrant life and business now. Inside this 3 Part Series, Padma Ali walks you through three core shift components which stem from her N.E.W You Blueprint.

To access this free training you get by visiting her website and registering. You may also apply to work with Padma Ali privately as a 1-1 high-level coach and mentor.

Visit the link register and get access

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