Memphis Tree Service Experts Urgently Move Trees To Create Way for Electric Cables

Memphis, Tennessee – After Nelson received a notice to remove trees to create a way for electric cables, the homeowner was left with no other option but to remove them. Nelson knew he could not do it alone and, therefore, had to look for a tree service company.

The notice gave the family a very short time to remove the trees,” said Nelson. “The family could not raise a lot of money to pay for the service within the given time.”

Allegedly Nelson asked his friends for a tree service company that would offer the service at a cheap rate. 99% of his friends advised him to use Memphis Tree Service Experts. The friends said that Memphis Tree Service Experts is not only affordable but also quick to respond to clients’ needs.

When the family reached out to Memphis Tree Service Experts,” said Nelson, “the phone was picked up immediately. After asking for the tree removal quotation, the company was quick to advise the family that cutting down the trees was not the best option. The company insisted that it would send a professional to the landscape to see how they can help the family. 30 minutes after the call, the professional arrived and did a quick inspection. The professional advised the family to move the trees from where they were and replant them in another place. He confirmed that the process would cost the same as cutting them down.”

The family was reportedly amazed by both the quotation and the fact that they were not going to lose their trees. Although the family did not have a lot of money, the quotation was below their expectation.

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When the professional talked about moving the trees,” said Nelson as he narrated how Memphis Tree Service Experts Company helped him, “the wife almost told him that that was not the plan. The family knew the process would cost much money compared to cutting them down. However, its cost was less than the budget the family had for cutting the trees down.”

After charges agreement with the family, the professional reportedly left the landscape without saying a word.

A few minutes after the professional left,” said Nelson, “Memphis Tree Service Experts tree moving team had arrived at the yard. That was quicker than how the family expected. It was surprising.”

Nelson made it clear that the Memphis Tree Service Experts’ tree moving team came with advanced machines that he could not tell what they were meant for until the team started using them.

The family was surprised when the team arrived in a tractor carrying a huge machine,” said Nelson. “After the wife asked several questions it is when the family learned it was called a hydraulic tree spade that would help them move the trees and replant them. It was fun watching the team do the work as it was the first time the family witnessed such a process.”

Nelson also noted that the whole process was done very quickly. He added that were it not for the fact the family was going through a financial issue, he would have tipped the team.

The process only took 12 hours to complete,” said Nelson. “They made it seem so easy. The team did a very smart job such that if only the family had more money they would have received some more.”

Memphis Tree Service Experts offices are located at 3080 Crump Ave, Memphis, TN 38112, United States. The company’s phone number and email address are +1 901-441-7899 and respectively.

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