Work on the go, experience the world, and make meaningful connections: Noma Collective enables everyone to work remotely in a community

Noma Collective makes it possible for like-minded traveling professionals to explore the world, network, and take their jobs on the road.

Now that many people can work remote there is a growing number of people that are taking their jobs with them to travel the world. Noma Collective is responding to this need and topping it off with a focus on work, community, wellness, and adventure.

At the start of the pandemic, living as a digital nomad was nothing more than a pipe dream for most people. However, the post-Covid world is a lot more accommodating for remote workers. Now, as people swap their offices for their home offices, more are choosing unique locations around the world they have always wanted to visit. In this new reality, people can travel, work and meet new people, all at the same time.

According to Noma Collective, this new landscape frees every remote worker, giving them a great start to their life of working on the go. However, finding the right locations to visit, accommodation, reliable internet connection, and a community of similar people is difficult.

Noma Collective was established to solve this problem, making it possible for people to work remotely, travel, and meet other travelers. 

“Noma Collective is a community of like-minded traveling professionals. We specialize in meaningful connections, life-changing experiences, and curating adventures worldwide.”

Noma Collective takes charge, doing all the planning to ensure every individual finds their rhythm within the community. The team helps people travel to the most beautiful locations in the world without ever missing a second of their job. Travel to locations like Belize, Panama, Kenya, Bali, Antigua, and more. “All our locations offer a fully equipped digital nomad experience with WIFI, growth workshops, co-working spaces, and an ever-growing network of remote workers.”

Moreover, Noma Collective also focuses on community. While traveling, it is vital that people keep growing their connections. Noma brings together individuals from around the world. “We host enriching guest workshops, themed community dinners, and events to help you connect and make memories that last a lifetime.”

Wellness and adventure are also pillars of the Noma Collective promise. The community curates wellness and adventure programs to ensure people make the most of their time at each location. “We have weekly exercise, yoga, gym facilities, and a rotating schedule of incredible weekend excursions and trips.”

The Noma lifestyle is a fully immersive experience that focuses on health, connection, personal growth, and adventure. Every week brings with it a slew of new experiences for travelers, amplifying the Noma effect.

Part of the mission for Noma Collective is to impact local communities positively. Members of Noma visit local schools on a weekly basis to host art classes, play sports and organize beach clean ups. The community provides mentorship to local businesses and works with local experts to give informative talks to Noma guests.

Learn more about Noma Collective and see what previous guests have had to say about the Noma experience.


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