Akool, an AI intelligent cloud platform, announced a five-year exclusive partnership with TCC

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In order to solidly promote the high-quality development of Akool and promote the company’s resource level, Akool visited the Technology Control Company (TCC), a large regional intelligent solution provider of emerging technologies on June 10, 2022, and signed a contract in Saudi Arabia to announce a five-year exclusive partnership with TCC, which marked Akool’s entry into the 2.0 phase of the smart age. In the future, Akool will provide artificial intelligence solutions based on the Saudi Arabia market and radiate to surrounding areas, including biometric identification, smart factories, smart airports, AI healthcare and other sectors closely related to the local life. Akool will improve and develop the specific business in all aspects in the Middle East market, and open a new format of friendly cooperation while jointly entering the Middle East market.

Akool is a fast growing cloud platform that provides state-of-the-art AI solutions. As a partner in Saudi Arabia, Akool is committed to the operation and promotion of the application cloud created and identified by AI. Akool conscientiously implements the strategic deployment and takes the initiative to comply with the development trend of the economic market in the work. Akool always adheres to the emerging strategy of “better creation through synthetic content; better recognition through synthetic data; better solutions through on-premises deployment”. In the meantime, Akool vigorously develops related businesses and conducts multi-level and comprehensive exchanges and cooperation with the local market.

TCC is a big regional smart solution provider in Saudi Arabia specializing in emerging technologies. TCC has rich operation experience in the fields like airport, industry, and medical manufacturing. It has a senior reputation and authority in providing solutions to information security and management, human resources, hosting services, consulting, IT services, application development, enterprise data warehouse, ERP and enterprise applications.

During the signing of the contract, Dr. Jiajun Lu, the leader of Akool, introduced the corporate culture, development history, R & D strength of Akool to Dr. Bandar Alhaqbani, the CEO of TCC, and made important explanations on the on the later cooperation expansion from the aspects of project feasibility, planning, design, and technology based on the project cases.

This cooperation has enabled the two companies to unite and combine their strengths and complement each other’s advantages and has fully mobilized Akool’s and TCC’s interest in learning and exchange. As a leading brand and enterprise, Akool will continue to make full use of various resources, improve its team capacity internally as well as target the market externally, make progress together with TCC, and provide more professional services in the field of AI intelligent cloud platform.

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