PolicyWand Introduces Revolutionary DIY Concept of Acquiring Life Insurance

The Company Has Launched The World’s First Online Platform Where People Can Purchase Insurance Policies Without Pressure From Insurance Sales Agents

To the people behind PolicyWand, the life insurance industry is in apparent need of coping with the 21st-century market. In a world driven by digital commerce, insurance sales are still highly reliant on traditional sales methods, explains the company’s founders.

Getting insurance of any type usually requires one to get in touch with an agent to determine the most suitable packages available. Since these salespeople earn through commissions on the insurance fees, they can sometimes put pressure on clients to proceed with the deal. Additionally, since agents work for a particular insurance provider, they would try to persuade others to choose one package over another.

PolicyWand aims to revolutionize this concept and make the process easier for people across the US. The company has launched the first-ever platform where one can directly inquire, compare, and eventually avail of the life insurance which suits them best. The site removes the need for agents which allows interested buyers to freely assess and decide without any pressure.

Tied up with America’s top insurance firms, PolicyWand gives its clients a wide range of options to choose from. Additionally, the site allows users to compare different packages among different insurance providers. This special feature greatly helps clients to decide objectively and without bias.

According to the PolicyWand team, those who use their platform can choose their preferred policy and make an application in a matter of minutes. “What we bring is a unique concept – the first do-it-yourself life insurance platform that is accessible, easy to use, and brand-neutral,” said the team.

Despite its one-of-kind DIY approach, the PolicyWand platform still readily provides on-site assistance with its fun-looking virtual agent avatar named ‘Wandy’. Based on given factors, the interactive assistant can help users evaluate their health history and calculate the ideal amount they will need as death benefit. Essentially, Wandy will guide them in choosing the right insurance type for each client and generate accurate quotes.

If site users require the help of an actual agent, PolicyWand also employs a customer support team ready to respond as needed. However, unlike traditional insurance agents, the company’s personnel do not work on a commission basis nor do they represent a particular insurance firm.

The platform does not need users to provide any contact details, enabling them to use the site while maintaining their privacy. All personal information is guaranteed safe and secure through its Secure Online Portal system. At the same time, clients can access their policy documents whenever needed as part of the site’s post-purchase services.

PolicyWand’s founder Nick Trawinski has spent more than two decades in the life insurance industry and has helped thousands of American families with their insurance needs. “We’ve changed the way Life Insurance is purchased and sold,” said Trawinski. “We live in a digital world and the Life Insurance Industry is decades behind the digital curve. We have changed that by offering the ability to shop for life insurance online without the pressure of a commission-driven insurance agent.”

More information about PolicyWand and its services is found at the PolicyWand website, https://www.policywand.com/

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