Favel Transportation Improves Services With Influx of Talented Workers and Quality Equipment

Good news for all existing and prospective customers of Favel Transportation, the company is making strides to further improve its capacity to ship goods with superior competence.

Transparency is crucial when it comes to client-company relationships and Kyle Favel, the owner of Favel Transportation, has successfully managed to prioritize transparency and honesty in the equipment that his company uses. 

Favel Transportation is also dedicated to providing a safe transfer of goods. One way they are able to achieve that is with updated satellite trucks. 

Kyle Favel says, “We satellite track our trucks. Our dispatchers are in constant contact with the drivers. They may have a weather delay, so we will give our customers that update on the delay,” says Kyle Favel.

Favel Transportation has also taken the time to ensure that its trailers are of the highest quality. “Our trailers are five years old or newer, and primarily they’re the Wilson brand. Wilson is well known for their quality, durability, and ease of use,” says Kyle Favel.

When transporting grain, Favel Transportation decided to invest in tri-axle trailers that can haul food-grade and feed-grade grain products to and from the US with no problems. 

Kyle Favel says “Tri-axle grain trailers are awesome for this job. They allow us to maximize our payload and keep the cost of shipping reasonable for our customers while allowing our drivers to enjoy the trailer that they’re working with.” 

Livestock hauling, on the other hand, requires different equipment, and Favel Transportation is equipped with both three-axle and four-axle livestock trailers. The three-axle trailers are used to transport both cattle and hogs, with hogs being taken in one direction before the trailer is converted and cattle can then be transported in the opposite direction. 

Favel Transportation’s four-axle trailers are utilized primarily for hauling cattle, especially between the border of US-Canada and within Western Canada. This fourth axel, when crossing the US-Canada border especially, adds the ability for the payload on the trailers to be higher, ensuring a cheaper shipping fee for the customer. 

Favel Transportation is known for having modified trailers with auto inflation systems to maximize travel time and ensure that there are no problems for the driver when transporting the products. 

“What sets our trailers apart is we put auto inflation systems on the tires to make sure that the tires are always inflated properly, and that we don’t lose any downtime due to a flat tire,” says Kyle Favel. 

These trailers are also equipped with a specialized brake system which differentiates Favel Transportation trailers from other companies.

According to Kyle Favel,  “Our trailers are specialized with better brake components like brakes underneath the trailer, for durability and making sure the brakes are there when the driver needs to use them.”

Favel Transportation also focuses on the quality of its tires. Kyle Favel says, “Another key thing to note is that when we have trailers, we use virgin tires, we don’t use recycled tires or recaps and we are pretty selective with the tire brands that we run. We use the top tire brands that way it ensures our time and reliability.” 

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMFdgMUGSmE.

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