Elementary School Teacher Tammy Haddad Shows The Power Of Active Listening Through The Cozy Rainbow Podcast

Passionate educator, Tammy Haddad, continues to deliver an amazing learning experience to kids through “The Cozy Rainbow Podcast,” a kids’ podcast created to give them a break from screen time

Tammy Haddad is looking to challenge the status quo in the educational sector by leveraging tech solutions to reach out to as many kids as possible worldwide through her exciting podcast, Cozy Rainbow. The third-generation educator and elementary school teacher aim to show the power of active listening and give kids a break from screen time via podcasts.

Technology has undoubtedly affected the educational system, with advancements that have helped to enhance the connection between tutors and their pupils. However, more needs to be done to help kids in particular break free from being addicted to smart mobile devices and the television. Consequently, Tammy has taken the bull by the horns, launching Cozy Rainbow as an educational resource for students, educators, and parents.

The family-friendly podcast was created to develop smart and creative kids across age groups. Cozy Rainbow was inspired by a question by one of the fifth-grade students taught by Tammy Haddad and the innovative educator decided to create a platform for all to get educated and improve the learning experience while making it all fun and exciting. Another interesting aspect of the podcast is that the team publishes students’ artworks and writing on the podcast. Students are always welcome to submit their content for publication

The weekly educational podcast offers different categories of learning resources, such as games and creative challenges specifically created for kids. The host of Cozy Rainbow, Tammy Haddad, talks on different fun and engaging topics like snacks, toys, and games, with each episode running for about 15 minutes to ensure listeners are not bored or become uninterested. There are also creative, writing or art challenges, as well as listening guides on Teachers, Pay Teachers, and a crossword puzzle subscription on Patreon.

For further information about the Cozy Rainbow Podcast and to be a part of the interesting journey, visit – www.cozyrainbow.org. The campaign also continues across social media including Facebook and Instagram @cozyrainbownv and YouTube.

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