Musicians That Can Make One Feel Good

Music is a form of expression that does not require the use of words. It is universal, and everyone experiences the feelings behind the music no matter what language one speaks. It takes people from one decade to the next, from old memories to new aspirations and dreams. It is capable of opening and filling our hearts and spirits. Life would be dull if it weren’t for music. 

Music And It’s Healing Power

Music has even been recommended by doctors to help patients who are suffering from depression. Depression is a condition in which a person experiences intense sadness and dejection. Around the world, more than 350 million people suffer from depression. Music has the power to aid in the treatment of emotional illness, which is very common among teenagers. Motivational music plays a significant role in this, as it has the power to meet people’s demands for self-actualization.

It has been proven in studies that it relieves tension and produces relaxation hormones in the body. It slows down anomalous brain excitations and relieves mental tension. Listening to their favorite song makes people feel more relaxed, pleased, and fulfilled. As a result, music is unquestionably the best treatment for the mind and, by extension, body.

Here are two of today’s most popular musicians who are assisting people in healing and recognizing their emotions.

Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin was born in 1994 and is a Phoenix, Arizona-based singer-songwriter. “Paper Crown,” “I Built A Friend,” “End of the Summer,” “Let Me Down Slowly,” and “Water Fountain” are some of his best-known songs. His demos have also gotten him a lot of attention. In addition to his solo project, Benjamin has had success songwriting with musicians such as Jon Bellion, having a feature on Jon’s album The Human Condition’s track “New York Soul Pt. ii.” Artists like Eminem and Paul Simon have had a big influence on Alec.

Travyon Payne

Travyon Payne is an African-American singer who was born in 1982. He is known for his solo album ‘DaBlockmonsta’, which has been released recently and subsequently rose to prominence after releasing a single track called, ‘No Help’. He’s been getting a lot of positive feedback for his unique and amazing tunes lately. Payne is currently working on an incredible album that will be released very soon, for which his fans are waiting eagerly.  

Ruel van Dijk

Ruel van Dijk, better known by his stage name Ruel, is an Australian musician best known for his hits “Don’t Tell Me”, and “Younger.” Ruel submitted Grammy Award-winning producer M-Phazes a tape of himself singing James Bay’s “Let It Go” in 2015. Ruel released his debut single “Golden Years” in April 2017. Ruel made his live radio debut in June on triple J’s Like a Version, performing Jack Garratt’s “Weathered.” He is the segment’s youngest ever featured performer.

Through their lovely songs, these musicians have the ability to cure people. If one is looking for good music, they should starting following these top musicians for some amazing music. 

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