Mental Health Providers, a New Directory Website for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Rehabs has Officially Launched

Mental Health Providers is an eclectic directory comprised of information about substance abuse and mental health facilities.

Rehabilitation may be a difficult process, but it is a necessary step towards healing and self-improvement. Mental Health Providers is a website dedicated to streamlining the process of finding relevant information about mental health and substance abuse facilities, offering a vast, eclectic library of cutting-edge data to all people who may be suffering from mental health or addiction-related issues. 

What separates Mental Health Providers from contemporary directories is a thoroughly streamlined website. People that are searching for accurate information about detoxification, opioid medications, pharmacotherapies, or mental health facilities can easily access an abundance of data across the numerous provided categories. 

Unlike most mental health database websites, Mental Health Providers offers an abundance of highly detailed informational resources, as opposed to databases that vaguely touch on most common topics and questions. 

The on-page facility finder is available on Mental Health Provider’s website. It allows website visitors to browse through local facilities by selecting any of the 50 states. A custom search bar is located below the on-page facility finder, and it can be used to find a specific facility within any city in the United States. 

The user’s feed features the Recently Viewed Facilities function, which catalogs the most recent visits to websites via Mental Health Providers’ links. This way, users can quickly find the facilities they were previously searching for without having to go through the same process. 

Mental Health Providers is also actively working on raising awareness regarding various mental health issues and addiction problems, as well as relating to people that are faced with these difficulties. The “Articles” section of Mental Health Providers’ websites is dedicated to blogs about helpful tips and recommendations for self-improvement.

Guides about some of the most popular drug rehabs, alcohol rehabs, mental health rehabs, and substance abuse rehabs are also available in this section, providing accurate information about the location and services provided by the majority of USA’s mental health and substance abuse facilities. 

Cases of severe depression and drug addiction exist, in which people may find information about facilities that could help but are unable to act out of fear, shame, or any other reason. Mental Health Providers is lending a helping hand to everyone that needs a person to talk to, and someone to guide them to professional help. 

Upon the launch of the directory website, Mental Health Providers have also established a hotline as a free service that anyone can approach at any time. The phone number of the MHP hotline is (888) 546-6005; it is free to call, is available 24/7, and all calls are confidential.  

Mental Health Providers is devoted to continually updating information on its website and is committed to helping all people faced with alcohol or substance issues. More information about Mental Health Providers is available at

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