Ines Nasri Analyzed 1000+ Reviews of Private Investigation Services and This Is What She Found Out

Both the average Joe and business owners face difficult situations from time to time that leave them needing more information and answers. That’s exactly what private investigators do: provide answers so people can make well-informed decisions, whether in business or in their personal life. Very often, these are life-changing decisions or high-impact decisions.

Like most people, Ines grew up watching PIs in movies and TV series without ever having met one in real life until she worked with some of the best private investigation firms in Los Angeles, CA. 

“It hit me,” Ines said, “Private investigators are helping people and businesses to find the truth and changing lives every single day. The more I learned about the profession, the more I loved it.” This curiosity and fascination with the investigation industry pushed Ines to use her expertise in digital marketing, SEO, and branding to obtain the best results possible for private investigation firms on Google for their SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Some of Ines’s clients are now ranking for highly competitive and strategic keywords like “Private Investigator in California” or “Private Investigator Los Angeles,” “Best Private Investigator Los Angeles,” and many more.

“You don’t need to be an expert to know that this type of ranking for these types of keywords can take any private investigation firm to the next level, and we did just that.” Ines said.

Ines has since started a new video series on Youtube where she shares branding and marketing tips
for PIs. 

Customer Reviews

Anyone knows that customer reviews are a BIG deal. They are even bigger for private investigators and PI firms. According to Ines, customer reviews matter for several reasons: 

–  They help establish the PI authority and expertise while building trust.
–  They increase conversion rates (so people hire that particular PI or PI firm more).
–  They allow PIs to command higher rates because they are perceived as more successful and in-demand than the competition.
–  They help PIs and PI firms rank higher on Google. 

Finally, they can open doors to unprecedented opportunities like media interviews and more!

“The objective is to write the best content possible for our PI clients and use the right tone, so they are hired more often. With my team at WebPower agency, I decided to dive deep into California’s best private investigation firms and analyze as many customer reviews as possible,” Ines said. 

The goal was to figure out what matters the most to PI clients and what resonates with them in their choice to hire a particular PI firm.  At the same time, this work gives valuable insights to PI firms about what matters the most to their prospects so that they can provide the best customer experience possible.

It turned out to be a project of 1000+ customer reviews on Google. “This is what we learned,” Ines said: 

– Sharing Knowledge: 

During the initial consultation, some PIs keep the key points to their strategy from the client, thinking they will take it and go elsewhere to get it executed. This issue couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Hundreds of reviews state that sharing relevant information, options, and advice before being hired reassures the potential customer about how knowledgeable the PI is. Therefore, they feel more comfortable hiring them. 

– Caring, Showing Empathy, and Listening:

“They treated me like the most important case they serviced.” “He was understanding and patient and explained what they could do for my situation.” “He answered the phone and listened to my problem carefully.” These are just a few among dozens of reviews where happy clients praise being listened to and not judged.  

Private investigators need to remember that usually when people call them, they are in a very stressful state of mind: they lost someone, need to serve someone, or have a court case and require proof. Whatever their situation may be, they need help, and the first and the best thing to do is to listen and show compassion actively.

– Good Communication:

Throughout the case, many new elements can arise, challenging the initial strategy. It’s critical to keep the client informed and circle back every time. Words like, “Responsiveness, called me back every time,” “They explained to me the process,” “They held my hand throughout the whole case,” come back too often in clients’ reviews to be ignored. 

– Sense of Urgency: 

Awareness of the urgency and fast turnaround clients expect will go a long way. “It was such a Quick turnaround”, “ He developed a sense of urgency immediately to get the job done” show only a little of how that is important for clients.   

– Good Reporting Is Key: 

Providing a professionally-written factual and to-the-point report, HD video, and detailed pictures after the investigation are just an absolute must. Since most of the hard work is already done, the report sometimes doesn’t have the attention it deserves. The report should be the cherry on the cake.

Ines and her team at WebPower have done the hard work of deep-diving into reviews to learn the common factors among private investigation firms with high positive reviews. Her findings have not just impacted the outcomes that Ines can provide private investigation firms when it comes to SEO and digital marketing, it has also carried over into improving the service these investigators can offer their clients.

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