REWA TECH: A Business Dedicated To Be The Industry Benchmark Of Quality Control

With the deep understanding of consumer needs within the mobile phone aftermarket business, REWA has been dedicating itself to be the benchmark of quality.

Apple has been monitoring non-genuine screen replacements as it announced in 2019 that it will display important display messages from iPhone 11 and other models if the phone screen is a third-party replacement. The company informed users of the iPhone 11 of the notice in a new support note that describes how a counterfeit display can damage some functionalities and why it is adopting a strategy that doesn’t prevent customers from using the device but could affect future servicing. The Important Display Message is displayed for four days on the lock screen and fifteen days in the App settings if a display isn’t authentic. Apple recommends changing or fixing the iPhone screen with Apple Care+ or fixing it in authorized dealers, otherwise, it will display a non-genuine message even to customers using genuine screen replacement. But it is not possible for everyone to avail of the screen replacement service from Apple Care because of high costs. Keeping the concerns of customers in mind, REWA Shop – a business dedicated to quality and understanding the needs of consumers in the mobile phone business – launched an Apple-compatible iPhone screen replacement that reserved pads for OEM IC which can remove any important display message.

REWA is an expert in offering a one-stop supply-chain solution for your electronics repair business, including cell phone spare parts, repair tools, materials, refurbishing machines, and accessories. Since they have been in this repair industry for over a decade, their extensive experience and acute market insight allow them to deal with the pain points of their customer’s repair business. They offer a genuine solution to consumers’ wails about the important display messages and offer a compatible iPhone 11 screen replacement, iPhone 11 Pro Max screen replacement, and iPhone 12 screen replacement. With a thorough understanding of customer needs within the mobile aftermarket business, REWA has dedicated itself to being the industry benchmark of quality control. Since they are aware of the requirements and concerns of repair facilities: both quality and profitability are always their top priorities. They have been working toward the goal of “Quality Above All” and making sure that their shop REWA is much more than a supplier of goods.

Customers looking for an iPhone screen replacement have arrived at the right destination since one of the most professional electronics aftermarket solution providers in the wireless repair industry, REWA, has dedicated itself to putting quality above all. Every screen from REWA is 100% authentically tested by a specialized QC team. The CEO of REWA Tech Mr. Kevin claimed that “We are committed to creating unique values for our customers and establishing long-term partnerships. Therefore, all our resources and enthusiasm will be invested to make REWA an industry Brand. If someday, REWA lost the trust and acknowledgment of our customers, we would rather shut it down right away!” This is a promise to the customers, REWA is confident in their products because they take quality above all as their producing and testing principle all the time.

About the Business:

REWA Technology was founded in 2008 and is well-known for being an industry leader in electronics repair business solutions. We have established our lab to test all the products we provide. REWA offers high-quality cell phone parts and tools at wholesale prices.

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