Bell Health App received the Digital Health and Wellness Monitoring Application Award

Bell Health application is a unique and innovative mobile application to help people stay on top of their health.

Princeton, New Jersey – Bell Health application was recently recognized and awarded the Digital Health and Wellness Monitoring Application Award. The award is a testament to its uniqueness and helping people make their health a priority and enabling Care Continuum. The app has been gaining popularity as it helps people monitor key health metrics in real-time.

“We are really excited to receive this award,” said Dr. Rao Teki, Founder and CEO of Bell Health App. “Bell Health App has been designed to help people to be aware of their health and monitor key parameters such as Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Calories, Water Consumption, Sleep, etc.,” he added.

Another vital dimension of this application is its ability to help pregnant women keep a tab on their health. It offers much-needed peace of mind to a pregnant mind by keeping a check on health in real-time. The application enables users to set personal goals and capture their performance against those goals. It gets even better, users can share their progress or chat with their treating Physicians and loved ones anywhere in the world.

“Bell Health App acts as a catalyst in living a healthy lifestyle and is a digital health platform to enable care continuum, especially in the remote parts of the country where healthcare access is limited,” said Dr. Teki

The application has been designed by highly experienced healthcare professionals with extensive experience providing world-class patient care. “It is a patient-first digital health initiative, and all our programs are aimed at helping people adopt a healthy lifestyle.” Dr. Teki remarked.

Some impressive features the Bell Health application offers are daily fitness statistics, a user-friendly interface, best-in-class customer support, real-time data, and the option to share progress with loved ones anywhere across the globe.

To learn more, download the Bell Health app from the Google Play Store here or visit

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