Hassan Bash Deploys Scientific Methods To Optimize Individual & Business Performance at Scale.

This LA-Based Performance Coaching & Scalability Consulting Practice is Changing the Game for Executives, Solopreneurs, and Entrepreneurs with ADHD.

The coaching and consulting industry is flooded with self-proclaimed experts. With expensive programs and aggressive marketing, many clients in the industry are left with foul taste and no results to justify the cost of these superfluous programs. Hassan Bash, an industry-revered coach & consultant, plans to change that with his bespoke performance and scalability consulting practice.

“You can learn productivity hacks with a 5-minute YouTube video – for free. There is no justification for paying someone thousands of dollars to get information you can get with a few minutes of Googling.”, says the young performance coach & consultant.

For the last several years, Hassan Bash has been busy accumulating some of the most coveted credentials like High-Performance Coach, Brain Health Trainer, Scalable Business Advisor, and even the Dale Carnegie Black Belt Award. But – many consultants have similar backgrounds. Hassan and his team are pushing the bar by deploying scientifically tested practices and collecting data to tailor their programs. The results speak for themselves.

In a brief span, Hassan Bash has worked with over 200 clients and presented his process at some of the most revered conferences like Chamber of Commerce LA and Sigma Dubai. Not just this, he implemented many of these systems and practices to scale his previous venture Bash Revenue and work with clients like Last Chance for Animals.

“I was a digital marketer. But it broke my heart when I saw business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs struggle after their most recent marketing campaigns. They did not need another campaign. They needed a system. And that became my calling.”, says the young performance coach and consultant. Bash decided to integrate his unique experiences as a digital marketer with his acquired skills in performance coaching and scalability consulting to launch his eponymous and bespoke practice.

Unlike other performance coaches and scalability consultants who promise everything under the Sun, Hassan Bash and his team are focusing on a very targeted value proposition. They work with only 7.5% of the clients who approach them and the results are already agreed upon – taking companies generating between $100k to $500k in revenues to $2 million+.

“We have developed systems that work for a defined niche. And if you are in that niche, we will start deploying growth engines & scalability systems. Our goal is to start measuring results in 90 days or lesser.”

Each of his engagements begins with a deep discovery process that helps the clients understand whether they need individual performance, business performance, or scalability coaching. And then the growth engines come into picture, bringing all the focus on documenting, processing, and measuring for scale and profitability. So far, the approach seems to be doing wonders.

Requesting anonymity, one of his clients in the security devices industry recently reported crossing $40,000 in monthly recurring revenues within the first few weeks of working with Hassan. The industry seems to be in agreement with this change of pace. Hassan Bash and his team have started growing their waiting list for clients.

To learn more about Hassan Bash, visit https://hassanbash.com/

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