altFINS Trading Education Combines Theory and Practice, Making Learning Fun and Interactive

Since launching two years ago, altFINS has helped thousands of aspiring traders through its unique hands-on learning platform.

Unless a person has a formal financial background or past trading experience, he needs to educate himself or else markets will chew up and spit him out fast! He will FOMO into trades at the worst time, he will get shaken out of good trades too early, he will close bad trades too late, he will have the wrong trade size and poor trade execution.

There is a thousand ways to get slaughtered if one is not prepared and equipped with at least the basic tools, knowledge, and training.

Sure, there are some self-made successful traders but ask them how much they had lost on rookie mistakes before they got their winning rates above 50%.

Remember, trading is a zero-sum game. Someone has to lose for someone else to win. One trader’s loss is another trader’s profit.

Do you know why Roman armies had so much success in the long run? Sure, they may have lost a battle here and there (Pyrrhus, Hannibal), but they almost always won the war. Why? Combination of intense training, new and improved weapons, knowledge of their enemies, and strict organization.

And that is exactly what a trader needs to succeed: knowledge, training/practice, best tools, and trading plans. That is where altFINS comes in.

altFINS put together a series of 10 lessons that teach users key trading principles and how to apply them in practice. The trading course is led by none other than altFINS’ CEO and Founder, Richard Fetyko.

Instead of boring theory, we focus on practical use with live trade examples. Sure, we cover some theory on what is an RSI, MACD, SMA/EMA and such. But most of our time we are applying these concepts in markets in real time.

Lesson topics include Foundation of Technical Analysis (TA), moving average crossovers, pullback in Up (Down) trend, momentum, oversold at support (overbought at resistance), trading ranges, trading key levels (breakouts and approaches), chart patterns, and risk management.

After each webinar, students should be able to replicate the steps and find attractive risk/reward trades on their own.

About altFINS. altFINS platform is used by tens of thousands of users to learn trading and find potential trading ideas. The platform launched in August 2020 and has received a Seal of Excellence Award from EIC (European Innovation Council).

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