Wellness Expert And Longevity Coach Linda Loo Launches A Special Training Program For Women

The Training Program Aims To Help Women Stay Youthful And Active In Their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s

According to Coach Linda Loo, women of all walks of life can remain fit and beautiful even after they pass the age of fifty – and beyond! The seasoned wellness and longevity expert has helped hundreds of clients live actively and confidently through her unique approach to health and wellness, known as the Radiant & Flourishing Diva Method.

“Women have a 44% chance of becoming disabled after 65,” cites Linda. “I help my clients avoid becoming part of that statistic.”

Coach Linda’s method is a unique combination of nutrition management, water-based yoga therapy, and land-based mobility training. Those who have gone through her program speak highly about its effectiveness and its impact on their health and wellbeing.

Angela who recently underwent the program, narrates how Coach Linda was able to lead her out of physical pain, immobility and exhaustion and back into vibrant whole-body health and strength.

After losing her ability to balance upright, walk and squat, Angela came across the services offered by Coach Linda. Through her guidance and training, Angela is now able to walk easefully without fear of wobbling or tripping. She can also squat with little effort which is quite helpful in her job attending to small children at a child center.

Angela states, “Linda is a fabulous coach – extremely knowledgeable, and patient and she knows every one of her students’ problems very well. She is really passionate about helping us women reverse and avoid degeneration. The transformation I got from working with her is awesome!”

Here are a few more client wins:

Jane lost 5kg and looks 5 years younger!
She went from having to be hospitalised and barely able to walk 50m, to now walking 3km and beaming with confidence.

Sally lost 3kg in 2 months, looks 5 years younger and can now walk all day with ease!
She went from suffering severe knee pain, barely able to walk for 15 minutes and taking pain-killers everyday to quitting all medications and being able to do everything she wants with ease.

Jan lost 7kg and looks 10 years younger!
She suffered for 15 years of Rheumatoid Arthritis pain and medication to completely reversing her Rheumatoid Arthritis. She is now pain free, off painkillers and back to loving life!

Andra lost 5kg and looks 5 years younger. She went from struggling with knee and back pain to now being free from pain and feeling and looking gorgeous in her favorite dresses. She regained her strength, mobility and radiance and is now feeling attractive and confident.

More information about Linda Loo and her services is found on her website, https://www.slimsassystrong.com/optin.

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