Almost 90% Of Online Shoppers Say Reviews Are Influential

In a world where digital fraud and online rip-offs are rife, consumers are turning to reviews for reassurance before buying. A representative study discovered that the vast majority of digital shoppers say that reading reviews online is “influential” when purchasing online, especially for expensive or unknown products.

More than 90% of online shoppers – who, according to The Global Forecast 2022, are predicted to spend $5.5 trillion worldwide in 2022 – say that online reviews are “influential” in their purchase decisions. This is the latest finding of a survey commissioned by Trusted Shops, showing that almost all consumers find online ratings and reviews influence their online shopping decisions.

Why Are Reviews So Influential for Online Consumers?

Most shoppers cited transparency as the reason for considering reviews when making an online purchase. It is also salient that more than half of shoppers rely heavily on reviews before buying unknown or expensive products.

Instilling Confidence in an Online Audience

The same study showed that one in three digital shoppers hope that by reading online reviews of the product or service, they will avoid a regrettable purchase. Online reviews also help guard against concerns about fraud or online security.

Example of Reviews Used by a Small Online Business

Lessons learned from statistics such as these have been implemented by many small online businesses, including those certified by Trusted Shops themselves. Established in the early days of online shopping in 1999, Trusted Shops now have 30,000 online businesses that are fully certified and therefore allowed to gather online reviews to display on their website. This acts as a symbol of safety and security for the consumer, as each official member of Trusted Shops must adhere to the strictest security and customer service standards.

Trusted Shops aims to increase digital safety and security for consumers worldwide. Once certified, commercial websites can display the Trusted Shops certification, allowing online shoppers to buy confidently, with honest reviews backing up their purchase choices. Each certified member has been recognised for top-level digital security and customer service, adding another layer of trust for the buyers.

What Does a Trusted Shop Certification Look Like for Consumers?

One of the latest shops to be awarded the Trusted Shops certification is, an online boutique specialising in traditional German handicrafts ranging from nutcrackers to music boxes.

Below is an example of a pop-up taking potential customers straight to a host of honest, post-transactional, and “influential” reviews, moving them further along the conversion funnel with one click.

Certifications, such as Trusted Shops, help bolster online businesses with an added layer of credibility, allowing countless shoppers to feel more confident with their clicks.

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