PF,the World’s First Multi-dimensional DeFi Ecosystem, creates Extreme Deflation Model

At the age of Web 3.0, Blockchain is a new power to change our world. It’s the foundation of the safest way of data self-governance. Defi maintains a continuously growing database with collective forces in a decentralized manner. It just solves the traditional financial sore points for 5,000 years’s history, solves various conflicts caused by uneven distribution of interests, and provides an optional direction for the upgrade of our whole industry today. Data shows, as of August 31st, 2021, the daily transaction volume of Binance Smart Chain BSC had reached as high as 8.17 million, Ethereum had reached 1.2 million, and the total locked amount of DeFi protocols on Ethereum had exceeded 60 billion US dollars.

The rapid development of blockchain technology has made the Web3.0 boom break out. Metaverse, Socialfi, and future self-governance community DAO are increasingly innovate their models in the market, and getting more and more opportunities. Among them, PF has innovated world’s first mining governance model with POD deflation, which is also the world’s first multi-level Defi project with full computing power data on the chain. It attracts new wave of focus and ever-growing heat. It has become the most promising top-level project in Defi ecosystem in 2022.

PF is the first compliance Defi project created by the US Prudential Foundation. It was established and demonstrated in March 2022, and its compliance legal document was issued by SINGAPORE, a well-known law firm in Singapore. The Prudential Foundation has been invited to apply for an MSB license. The PF project will complete its contract deployment in August and be officially put on the chain. It will hit the communities and gain new wave of attention.

PF Hit the Industry, Creates the World’s First Mining Governance Model with POD Deflation.

Today, cryptocurrencies industry is in the ascendant, and PF’s entry has broken the situation. It has hit the industry and gained a new round of attention for it’s the world’s first mining governance model with POD deflation.

The total amount of the PM project governance token PF coining is 1 billion, of which 30 million are put in the DEX pool to provide initial liquidity in the secondary market. Through the dual deflation data model of pledge destruction + computing power decay, the community consensus enters a virtuous circle, which drives more consensus lock position, and finally deflates to 100,000 seed computing power. Then, with the basic attributes of distributed finance, we add liquidity to DEX. The lock position period of the basic computing power is guaranteed by contracts, the additional computing power is used to cover the lack of liquidity, and the DAO operating mechanism is used to shape consensus. We balance supply and demand to cover the lack of liquidity caused by the truth that the supply is less than the demand, make the currency price continue to rise to cover the lack of liquidity due to the fact that the supply is less than the demand and finally the price of PF in the secondary market continue to spiral! POD deflation governance is the natural advantage of PF, for the community users have extremely high stickiness. We change passive marketing into active promotion. They actively expand and serve users in the communities, so as to guide more and more people to become platform users and even partners. Fission drainage cycles are more efficient. This extremely innovative destruction deflation model makes the coins decentralized, enhances consensus, and increases in value as time goes on, so it will form a long-term stable and durable platform.

Multi-level and Full Computing Power Data on the Chain, the Entire Chain is Open to the Public, the Chain is Loose but Never Miss.

Under the influence of the dual factors of the explosion of data and the general reduction of computing power costs, the world’s computing power resources have ushered in explosive growth. In the era of the internet of value, competition by the drive of Web3.0 will be joint by multiple parties, where computing power is the core competitiveness. Who masters more computing power, who gains more network flows and data. Many experts believe that the “era of computing power” has arrived. The core competitiveness is focusing on computing power represented by computing speed, computing method, communication capability and storage capacity. Who masters advanced computing power in the future, who will hold the initiative in development. Computing power will be power. PF is the world’s first multi-level DEFI project with full computing power on the chain where data runs synchronously. It captures the whole network data for calculation, and all data can be publicly queried. All data and operating procedures cannot be tampered with. Data processing is open and transparent, and runs permanently. It replaces human’s execution of arbitration and contracts, greatly reduces errors and costs, and running completely in a decentralized way!

Good things will become mainstream sooner or later. We just wait consensus to come. PF has a set of community systems and product tools to take over the market. It is the world’s first Defi project that adopts the mining governance model with POD deflation and multi-level data with full computing power on the chain. It will continue to lead the innovation of the industry in network flows innovation, model innovation, asset mining, etc. It’s the real blockchain Fintech project which deserves our attention at the dawn of coin circle’s explosion. To be a first-line platform is the goal of PF. PF, which is riding the wind and waves in the industry and keeps moving forward, is not far from the time when dreams turn into reality.

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