The ForeverPen™ Titanium Inkless Pen by World’s Tiniest

Ever needed a pen and couldn’t find one? This one is made of Ti + Ag, sits on your keys and never needs refilling.

The world’s tiniest pen with unlimited ink, aptly called the ForeverPen™ is now back in stock.

The pen is one inch long and lives on your keys so it’s ready to use anytime you need it.

Made with a body of Grade 5 Titanium and a solid composite tip, the one inch pen is designed to last forever, so you’ll be able to keep it with you for a very long time.

The team at World’s Tiniest researched various ancient ways to write and came across Silverpoint, a traditional drawing technique from the Renaissance era, usually reserved for high luxury and artists like Leonardo da Vinci.

Using their background in engineering and materials science, they designed a Silver-based material with a hard-wearing tip that would last longer than around 500 pens, more than enough for a lifetime.

The solid tip outperformed liquid ink in every way, by writing permanently, free from smudges, underwater and even upside down. This guarantees you’ll always be able to use it in any situation and have a pen handy.

On the body there is a pass-through hole for carabiners and key rings, so it can be kept with you everywhere you go and this helps ensure it never gets lost.

The ForeverPen™ is now available now for only $39:

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