Start Trek Comes to Reality, Commercializing The Space Travel

Norm Hansen, a silver corporate sponsor for the 2022 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting (GM) 17 – 21 July 2022 | Denver, Colorado – Powering a Sustainable Future in a Changing World (, and founder of the organization, “Mirror Energy,” which is reinventing the future and how we see it.

With Mirror Energy, which is ten billion times more efficient than chemical energy, Commercial spacecraft will take millions of explorers, entrepreneurs, and tourists on unbelievable adventures to von Braun’s rotating “Love Boats in the Sky” orbiting Earth in minutes, the Moon in hours, Mars in days, and stars in weeks. 

Mirror Energy comes from the conversion of matter and mirror matter directly into electricity plus electromagnet propulsion for spacecraft and starships according to Einstein’s equation: E = mc². Mirror matter is called antimatter by scientists and is harvested from comets orbiting the Sun.

Antimatter is composed of 118 elements. Antimatter of an element’s physical, chemical, and nuclear characteristics are defined in the same detail as matter elements and incorporated into the Periodic Table of Matter and Antimatter Elements. The 236 element’s mirror energy conversions are in ERGs.

Click here to learn more about the Periodic Table of Matter and Antimatter Elements! 

The Period Table comes in two sizes––36X56 and 11X17 inches––which makes it a great Christmas gift for students, friends, parents, and teachers. You can purchase the Periodic Table of Matter and Antimatter Elements here.

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