Citizens of Greek, Romania, and all other Visa exempt countries are now able to easily apply for Canada eTA

The Government of Canada introduced the Canada eTA in 2015 for all its Visa waiver countries. With the launch of this new e-Visa facility foreign citizens are now able to get a Canada Visa easily without much effort. Unlike ordinary paper Visa applications, the online Visa application process is fast and completely simplified.

Canada Visa is a mandatory document for all foreign citizens to enter Canada for different purposes. It is somewhat hard to apply for an ordinary Visa by visiting the embassy, and it takes a lot of time and effort. The e-Visa application is much different when compared to the offline application process. It takes only a few minutes and the simplified application process makes it the best user-friendly method of Visa application.

Canada Visa Online is an electronic travel document that offers a long-term validity of five years. Foreign citizens can use it to enter Canada repeatedly without any problems for even one day’s visit if necessary. For an online Visa application, there are only a few requirements like passport, email, and credit or debit card. Applicants are allowed to complete the application using a mobile phone or computer; thus, is a comfortable and effortless method.

Canada Visa for Greek citizens

Canada Visa is not just an optional document for Greek citizens, as it is a must for them to enter Canada. Greek citizens are allowed to enjoy the fast entry facility using the Canada eTA program and can apply from Thus, they can get Canada e-Visa within 24 hours in most of all cases. The time required for the verification can also reach up to 72 hours on some occasions; thus, it is always better to apply for it at least before 72 hours.

Canada Visa for Romanian citizens

As Romanian is also a launch member of the Canada eTA program, Romanian citizens are also able to get benefits from the fast entry facility. Romanian citizens who wish to enter Canada can visit to apply for a Canada e-Visa. All Canadian citizens above 18 years can apply for Canada Visa Online using this website within five minutes or less. With Canada e-Visa Romanian citizens can stay in Canada for 90 days continuously on each visit. Currently, Canada eTA can be used for tourism, business, transit, or medical visit.

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