A Travel Enthusiast Rashi Manchanda Strives to become a Leading Outdoor Adventurist While Growing her Social Media Platforms

With her passion and skills, Rashi Manchanda works tirelessly to achieve her dreams.

A 23-year-old travel zealot, Rashi Manchanda originally belongs to a city in India named Gurgaon and is currently living in Canada to polish her skills in the Outdoor Adventure Industry. Having been surrounded by people since she was a child is one of the reasons she can interact with people and has commendable communication skills. Being a friendly and outgoing individual, Rashi Manchanda decided to pursue a profession in world tours and expeditions while also being a leading explorer and enthusiast. As soon as Rashi Manchanda completed high school, her graduation in the hospitality industry followed, and by the time she graduated, covid had happened, and this caused her to have ample time to think of how she should try to secure a job in the hotel industry so she can travel and gain different experiences.

In an attempt to achieve her dreams, Rashi Manchanda landed an internship as a trip guide in India, which changed her life. In no time, she realized the significance of this occupation, where people paid tour guides to take them on vacations and be their guide throughout the trip. She came to Canada to learn the skills and become one of the leading and most famous tour guides in her state. Currently, she is working to grow her Instagram page, which revolves around her travel experiences and guides along with her beneficial diploma courses. A list of her courses includes Camp Craft, Backpacking Guide, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Canoeing, Rafting, River Rescue, Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice Climbing, and Wilderness First Aid Skills.

“I am just any other person with big dreams and would try my level best to make them true for me and my family. Traveling is everything to me. The journey says a lot; reaching the destination is an achievement, but it’s the journey that you take what becomes you,” says Rashi Manchanda.

Moreover, since Rashi Manchanda is an easygoing person having the strength of mingling with people in every environment, she possesses the quality of being able to communicate one-on-one, answer questions with calm, and remain approachable even when under pressure. Her zealous and determined nature has helped her to sustain a high level of energy throughout the working day, keeping guests interested and involved throughout the tour.

Additionally, since Rashi Manchanda has always traveled domestically and internationally with large groups of people, she is aware of how to cope with difficult situations when they arise. Having always sought out new information about locals in every city, she is well-versed in the culture and customs of every place she has visited. Even though she is still at a learning stage, her handing out advice, problem-solving, and endless passion for her job make her stand out in the crowd.

In the near future, Rashi Manchanda hopes to open a company that offers tours and travels around the world while maintaining a steady dedication to her niche. Additionally, Rashi Manchanda plans to launch her products while also teaching her guide courses, so that others can benefit from all the knowledge, skills, and techniques she is learning right now.

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