Agon has recently announced a new album: “It Can’t Rain Forever”

Agon is an artist with a focus on creating one-of-a-kind rap music. His most recent release “It Can’t Rain Forever” is not your average hip-hop album. It is a strong statement, which highlights the unique personality of the artist and his different approach to making music and creating electrifying vibes with the audience.

If you are a fan of artists such as Lil Wayne, Juice WRLD, Eminem, Drake and Tupac Shakur, you will have absolutely no trouble in connecting with Agon’s hard-hitting music vision, especially for “It Can’t Rain Forever“. This new release is a straight-on example of how the artist is always willing to be direct, outspoken and take chances with his music, letting his flow and personality shine, each step of the way.

Agon raps about truly deep topics. These include the eternal balance between good and evil, and the struggle to be on the “right side” of positive thinking. While most rappers use explicit language and cussing in their song, Agon doesn’t want to take “the easy way,” and he works hard on crafting lyrics that are inspiring and motivational. He has a lot of respect for all rappers out there and he deeply believe in every artist’s right of self-expression and creativity as they please, but he wants to do more with his music, communicating with people and share much deeper thoughts with every song. This album is going to be a perfect example of that!

Find out more about Agon, and check out “It Can’t Rain Forever”. This release, featuring 12 songs is going to be available on the best digital music streaming services very soon!

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