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The world has witnessed a drastic change in lifestyle over the last two decades, which has led to obesity becoming one of the major concerns. As per the figures released in 2020, more than 39% of the world population was overweight with a BMI greater than 25. The numbers are even higher in Europe and the USA. What brought us here is a question for another day, but corrective measures are the need of the hour. was launched, keeping these factors in mind to make the world fit and healthy again. And the best part about the platform is that it doesn’t just reward the ones who perform the best but everyone who participates because it is the intent that matters. is the latest entrant in the Fitness-Fi niche and brings the best features and protocols. It offers exciting rewards, whether you are out for a jog in the morning or simply walking back home from work in the evening. Do not be mistaken; the earnings are not the only source of motivation here but one of the many. also offers the option to challenge others; of course, there would be rewards if you win. And there are various modes available. You could go for Private Challenge, Paid Challenge, Group Challenge, or Multi Challenge. Also, it allows users to place bets when challenging opponents, and the winner takes all! Challenges have proven to be a great source of motivation for users on

Besides, the algorithm for is designed to ensure fairness and that everyone is evaluated and rewarded using the same principles. It is an ad-free platform where only vital data is collected and not shared with a third party. And the most critical part, is free to join. There is no registration fee involved.

Coming to the tokenomics, has two active tokens on the platform, one for the investors and the other for the users. $BFHT, the investor token, is developed on the Binance Smart Chain, and its current supply is capped at 297,702,612. Anyone who holds this token will qualify as an investor and receive a share of the platform’s profits. And there’s the option to stake the token for additional rewards.

$PAID, also on the Binance Smart Chain, is the native token that will facilitate transactions on the platform. It will be used to pay out rewards to users and to purchase items on the platform’s built-in marketplace. Users can also cash out the $PAID token if they want to spend their earnings elsewhere. Besides, users can acquire more $PAID tokens to achieve a higher position on the Ranking List, and earn from revenue sharing on 

The entire ecosystem is developed to motivate users, reward them, and keep them engaged in positive activities. And, it has so far been successful! So, if you too want to earn rewards for something as simple as walking or challenge your friends in the other part of the globe for a quick run, would be a perfect choice.

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