As Schools Step up Security: AI Security leader AITX Announces ‘Bailey’s Gift’ Campaign Donating Weapon Detection Devices to Schools: Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Stock Symbol: AITX

As Schools Step up Security: AI Security leader AITX Announces ‘Bailey’s Gift’ Campaign Donating Weapon Detection Devices to Schools: Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Stock Symbol: AITX
$AITX Introduces Weapon Detection & Projects Profitability; Supplies Fortune 50 firms, Hospitals, Casinos and Schools; Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Stock Symbol: AITX

– Artificial Intelligence & Robotic Solutions for Multiple Applications.  

– Sales Reaching New Record Levels with Latest Orders Booked in June.  

– New NFT Launched Based on Company Products.  

– Weapon Detection to be in Release of Analytics Software Suite.

– School Protection Article by CEO Steve Reinharz Published Online. 

– CEO Releases Publication on the New Economy, Jobs and Automation. 

– Planned Entry Into the $17.6 Billion Residential Security Market.    

– AITX Invited by Regional Hospital Group and Top 3 Guarding Company to Demonstrate Labor Saving Solutions.

– CEO Publishes Article Making the Case for Automation Over Interest Rate Hikes.

AITX announces the ‘Bailey’s Gift’ campaign. The announcement was made at the Company’s summer Open House at its Detroit-based manufacturing facility.

The campaign will donate a minimum of 10 ROSA security robots with firearm detection capabilities to underfunded or vulnerable K-12 schools in the US. The program, Bailey’s Gift, is named in memory of Bailey Holt, who was shot and killed by a gunman during the January 23, 2018, Marshall County High School shooting in rural Kentucky. Bailey’s mother, Secret Holt participated in the announcement, along with AITX and RAD CEO Steve Reinharz.

“The Bailey’s Gift campaign is truly remarkable, and we are so honored to be a part of it,” said Secret Holt. “My hope is that every school has the opportunity to experience this extraordinary technology. I have no doubt that this firearm detection system will be a great asset to every school campus across the country.”

RAD’s best-selling and award-winning ROSA ‘security-in-a-box’ solution features simple installation with no networking requirements. It’s designed to work with or without School Resource Officers and, upon detection of a firearm, can immediately activate lockdown (for schools with electronic locks), immediately notify school personnel and law enforcement through audible, visual, SMS and other means. ROSA can detect firearms over 150’ away, under the right conditions, providing an incredible advantage of time to protect and respond.

“We are honored to be doing our part to help save lives and secure schools,” said Reinharz. “The nation is yearning for tangible solutions that can prevent future tragedies from occurring. We look forward to working with schools to deploy these ROSAs with firearm detection technology quickly.”

The Company believes that there are over 100,000 K-12 schools that could immediately benefit from this firearm detection technology. RAD’s solution deploys quickly and provides a non-biased level of early detection and deterrence to potential firearm related events in and around these buildings.

Mark Folmer, RAD’s President, added “I expect that these ten ROSA firearm detection units to be allocated within days. We have a low-cost solution that can reliably detect a firearm and autonomously initiate lockdown procedures, alerts, and alarms. Every school should be equipped with this technology.”

About AITX:

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (Stock Symbol: AITX) is an innovator in the delivery of artificial intelligence-based solutions that empower organizations to gain new insight, solve complex challenges and fuel new business ideas. Through its next-generation robotic product offerings, the AITX RAD, RAD-M and RAD-G companies help organizations streamline operations, increase ROI, and strengthen business. 

AITX technology improves the simplicity and economics of patrolling and guard services and allows experienced personnel to focus on more strategic tasks. Customers augment the capabilities of existing staffs and gain higher levels of situational awareness, all at drastically reduced cost. AITX solutions are well suited for use in multiple industries such as enterprises, government, transportation, critical infrastructure, education, and healthcare.

AITX announced that its sees a clear pathway to profitability within 24 months, principally through the growth of its primary subsidiary, Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc (RAD)

AITX CEO Steve Reinharz Calls for Protecting Schools and Facilities with Advanced AI Technology

On June 23rd AITX announced that its CEO, Steve Reinharz published an online article that discusses the need for equipping the nation’s schools and other facilities with AI-based technology. Reinharz asserts that existing solutions can provide an effective initial deterrence and autonomous responses at the first indication of an active shooter event.

AITX to Deploy 13 Units to Fortune 50 Transportation Company; 1 ROAMEO Mobile Robot and 12 ROSA Devices for 2 Locations

AITX Receives Anticipated Large Order, Expanded to 50 Units

On June 16th AITX announced an anticipated large order and the order has expanded to 50 RAD devices, adding 13 additional ROSA security robots. This becomes the largest unit order through an authorized dealer. The dealer is DSI Security Services, one of the nation’s top security companies with over 4500 employees and over $100 Million in Annual Revenue.

Multiple AVA and TOM Order from Leading Global Logistics Company

On June 14th AITX announced an order for 5 security robots from a top ranked global logistics company. The deal is valued in the low six figures plus monthly costs after a set period of time. 

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