The Industry Leader in Sales Training and Recruiting – Shea Sliter

Shea Sliter, the top leader in sales training and recruiting, found his passion in helping people develop high-income skills. This journey led to him developing He and Online Sales Connect are in the top 1% of his industry.

According to Shea Sliter, the key to his success has come from his desire to leave a legacy behind for future generations, as well as his ability to overcome adversity without quitting.

Some of his upcoming goals include his company’s mission to earn $20 million in sales by 2025 and his personal goal to open multifamily, real-estate fund by the end of 2023. His long-term vision is to empower one million people to live better, more meaningful lives.

His advice to someone trying to achieve success as an entrepreneur is to never give up and expect the journey to be hard. But enjoy every moment because life is short. We sometimes get caught up in worrying about the destination instead of the journey. Find happiness in every single day, no matter where you are in your journey.

His business advice is simple, too. Build relationships with people who are better than you at an activity. Then, take massive action on what you learn from them.

The most life-changing moment in his career came right after he stopped doubting what he could do would work. He started believing in himself, and everything changed for the better.

He truly believes that anyone can accomplish greatness by not giving up. He stayed consistent and prioritized the tasks that would make his dreams a reality.

This journey came with learning experiences. The biggest mistake he made was not staying organized. In business, staying organized to scale is crucial. After bringing on the right people at Online Sales Connect, everything smoothed out. The next personal mistake he made was thinking that once he hit a goal he would be happy, rather than being happy and enjoying the process. Now, he savors every part of the journey.

Shea Sliter wanted to call the shots in his life. As he explains, “once you get a taste of freedom, both time freedom, and financial freedom, you never go back.” He is an entrepreneur all the way through, and he will always have this mindset. He is happiest working on activities about which he is passionate.

Head to his Instagram account @sheasliter or visit the website to learn more about him.

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