Tips for Buying and Servicing a Heating and Cooling Unit according to

Tips for Buying and Servicing a Heating and Cooling Unit according to

Individuals want to be comfortable in their homes. The heating and cooling system plays a role in how successful they are in achieving this goal. When buying and servicing an HVAC unit, take the following items into consideration. 

Buying an HVAC Unit

When purchasing an HVAC system, determine which type is right for the home. The four options offered today are the split system, the ductless option, a packaged unit, and a hybrid system. Read a knockout post, as well, to learn more about options for heating and cooling the home. 

Once the system type has been selected, it’s time to move on to other factors. Learn how each unit will impact the interior temperature of the home and the indoor air quality. Ask the technician questions about the energy efficiency of each unit as well. Manufacturers continue to make advancements in this area, and a new unit can be significantly more energy efficient than its older siblings. 

Take into account the capacity of each unit. The HVAC system must heat and cool the home efficiently. In addition, ask if a programmable thermostat can be used with each model being considered. Homeowners find they save money on energy bills by adjusting the temperature in the home at different times throughout the day. In addition, this extends the life of the unit. 

Discuss the maintenance requirements of each unit and consider investing in a service plan to save money on regular maintenance and service visits. Furthermore, discuss how loud the unit will be when it is operating. Some units are very noisy and disturb those living in the home. Finally, take into consideration the price of each unit. With many options available today, most homeowners will find a unit that fits into their budget. 

Servicing the HVAC Unit

According to, HVAC systems should be serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Many people don’t have their unit serviced in the first few years after buying it, and this is a mistake. Manufacturers typically recommend having the unit serviced once every year, but many factors play a role in how often this task needs to be completed. 

For example, individuals who live in areas with extreme temperatures need to have their HVAC unit serviced more often. The same holds when a person uses the unit regularly. Certain homes today have multiple HVAC units, and each unit must be serviced separately. Talk with the technician from Valley Service who comes to service the unit to see how often they recommend this task be completed based on what they find during the service visit. 

However, there may be times between service visits when the unit needs attention. If energy bills are climbing, call for service. Reach out to an HVAC technician when the home isn’t reaching the temperature set on the thermometer or when the unit begins making new noises. Finally, if the air in the home seems stuffy, it’s time to have the unit checked. 

Additional Tips

The abovementioned tips become of great help when it comes to purchasing and servicing an HVAC unit. Find additional tips at “BBB TIP: Buying and Servicing Your Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.” In addition, don’t hesitate to reach out to an HVAC technician for more advice when they visit the home to service the unit. They will be happy to share helpful information for the specific unit they are servicing. 

Never put off servicing an HVAC unit. With regular maintenance and regular visits from an experienced HVAC technician, a homeowner will find they keep their unit running longer and pay less when doing so. Call for service today and begin saving money on heating and cooling the home. 

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