High Accuracy and Cultural Aptness At The Core of Cal Interpretation and Translations’ Services

Going Beyond Surface Interpretation, and Word-level Translation and Transcription Tools for Expert Language Solutions

With the world’s continuous growth in diversity, Cal Interpretation and Translations (CIT) commits to mitigating miscommunication through professional re-articulation of one language to another. The immigrant-founded company dives deep into the nuances of each language and the culture that comes with it, stating, “it takes an immigrant to truly appreciate the American Dream.”

Their superiority in converting languages for industry-specific needs draws on 10 years of experience working with government bodies, medical, education, law firms, and technology industries. CIT has a growing powerhouse team of thousands of professional interpreters, translators, transcribers and captioners with a skillset in over 400 languages that include rare, indigenous, and specialized ones such as American and Mexican Sign Language. A glimpse of their sophisticated knowledge of languages can be seen through their work as expert Farsi translators.

CIT manages roughly a thousand monthly projects with uncompromised quality and 24/7 operations. A client needing document translation receives well-translated documents in the same format as the source documents, thanks to the meticulous and encompassing quality control throughout the whole job order process. Superb output combined with competitive rates and quick turnaround time translates to CIT’s success with more than 12,000 clients to date.

For more information about the company is found at https://calinterpreting.com/.

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