Experts Reveal 10 Reasons Why Loozap Is On Track To Dominate Africa’s Classified Market

The leading platform is regarded as the largest collection of free classified ads in Africa, allowing users to buy quickly, sell, rent, and discover a wide variety of items ranging from used electronics and furniture to cars, movies, books, fashion, real estate, and so much more.

July 18th, 2022: For a while now, the online classified space in Africa has been plagued by a lot of exits, with many leading companies shutting down operations, citing unfavourable market conditions. 

While former industry giants such as Efritin, Mobofree, and OLX have all thrown in the towel, Loozap continues to cover more ground and is currently regarded as the largest collection of free classified ads in Africa.

The company is growing rapidly and owes some of that to the diverse range of products and services on offer. It has a strong presence in Africa, with custom versions of its platform developed for its most prominent markets across the continent. These include Loozap Algeria, Loozap Nigeria, Loozap Senegal, Loozap Ghana, Loozap Kenya, and Loozap South Africa (

For anyone wondering why the company has continued to succeed where others have failed, below are ten solid reasons why Loozap is on track to dominate the African classified market.

1- Free Classified Submissions 

For any business, efficiently managing costs is a primary concern that determines whether or not the particular venture will be successful. Unlike other classified platforms that have expensive paid plans, Loozap allows business people with products to sell to post ads on its platform completely free of charge. 

2- Wider Audience 

Classified ads allow marketers to overcome distance barriers and reach people in all corners of the world. Since Loozap charges zero fees or commissions, marketers are more inclined to use the platform’s service, resulting in over 60 million ads online, as well as 4 million monthly visitors. Currently, Loozap is the largest car dealer in Africa and houses an extensive car inventory with more than 20 million cars for sale.

3- Seamless Analytics Interface 

Through its highly intuitive account management interface, marketers can not only post ads but also monitor key metrics of the ad’s performance. Loozap’s advanced tracking system allows users to see how many people viewed their ad campaigns and also ascertain how many of those views were converted into sales.

4- Targeted Advertising 

The Loozap platform makes it possible for marketers or people with niche products to create focused ads and target those campaigns to specific demographics. Additionally, buyers looking for specific items can also make focused searches on the Loozap platform and be instantly directed to ads that match their search preference.

5- Convenience & Speed

One key factor that separates Loozap from other players in the sector is the speed and convenience with which sellers can create and launch ads on the platform. By simply registering and creating an account, sellers can choose their preferred demographic and instantly launch a campaign with zero wait times.

6- Fluid Personalization Settings

The platform’s fluid personalization settings allow sellers to tweak their campaigns in a variety of ways, including posting ads according to the audience’s past purchasing history, preferences, and online behaviour.

7- Build Strong Relationships

Through classified ads on Loozap, businesses can attract their ideal customers and establish strong relationships that extend beyond the platform to the real world. A lot of users have discovered their favourite brands through the platform which continues to strengthen the relationship between buyers and sellers all over the continent.

8- Seamless Updates

With the Loozap platform, sellers can easily and seamlessly modify the content on their ad campaigns with updated information whenever they please. This special feature makes it possible for marketers to keep up with the current realities and adjust their prices, offers, and other components of their campaigns accordingly.

9- Easy Lead Generation 

In online advertising, lead generation determines sales volume which in turn determines the return on investment. With over 4 million monthly visitors, Loozap presents sellers with the largest online audience, letting them generate as many leads as possible, completely free of charge.

10- Unlimited Content 

Unlike newspaper classified ads that have space limitations, sellers on the Loozap platform can create elaborate content for their campaigns with zero restrictions as to the content quality, style, and range.

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