Asks the Question: Could a Simple Sleep Mask Be the Solution to Insomnia? Asks the Question: Could a Simple Sleep Mask Be the Solution to Insomnia?

Sleep is essential. It gives the body a chance to recharge from the day and allows it to heal from injuries and illnesses. Sleep also gives the mind a chance to rest and helps to ward off exhaustion, irritability, and many other issues. Unfortunately, an estimated 70 million Americans report suffering from ongoing sleep problems, and countless other cases most likely go unreported. Those who live with sleep issues undoubtedly suffer from numerous side effects as a result.

Fending Off Sleep Issues

Several techniques can be used to help people sleep. They range from prescription and over-the-counter medications to therapy. Some people use soothing sounds or aromatherapy to battle insomnia whereas others practice meditation and other relaxation methods before going to bed. Studies show that sleep masks may be among the simplest and most effective tools against loss of sleep. One will find plenty of additional reading on this matter, but we’ll cover some of the basic benefits of sleep masks right now.

Blocking Out Ambient Light

Many people struggle with sleep due to ambient light. Naturally, the body is wired to sleep when it’s dark, and some people can’t overcome that ingrained instinct. Of course, it’s not always possible to block out all the light in a room, either, according to Street lights, vehicles’ headlights, and other sources of luminescence sometimes can’t be avoided, but sleep masks can block them out. 

Thwarting Distractions

These days, many people can’t sleep because they’re constantly drawn to their phones, televisions, and other potential distractions around them. Using a phone at night can greatly disrupt people’s sleep patterns, but the temptation is often too great to overcome. Donning a mask at bedtime may make people less likely to search for their phones after going to bed, allowing them to sleep more peacefully. 

Eye Protection

Approximately 20 percent of Americans suffer from eye allergies brought on by dust, pet dander, pollen, and other particles in the air. Symptoms of those allergies can make it more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. They interfere with daytime activities as well. Sleep masks can help ward off allergens at night to potentially alleviate some of the symptoms. 

Benefiting from Sleep Masks

Several types of sleep masks are on the market as noted in the article, “Improve Your Napping Pattern With These 8 Sleeping Masks“. Because of that, it’s easy to find versions that meet individual needs. Some are even designed to reduce eye puffiness and promote skin health, so these products can cater to a range of expectations.

Companies like BON CHARGE are dedicated to helping people battle all the factors that can detract from a good night’s sleep. Their products offer various features to aid in the fight against insomnia and other sleep-related issues. Don’t hesitate to do some research to find a sleep mask that might help keep out light, minimize distractions, and keep other problems at bay. 

Getting the Needed Sleep

If among the millions of Americans suffering from sleep issues, several solutions are available. Having said that, not everyone can block out all the light in their bedroom with curtains. Melatonin and other sleep aids aren’t right for everyone, either. Sleep masks, on the other hand, could provide the benefits you’ve been looking for.

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