CTRL INVESTMENTS launching Verse, the rewards and utility token for the Bitcoin ecosystem and the world’s gateway to DeFi.

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VERSE: The ultimate utility and rewards token

With 29 million wallets created and over five million monthly active users, it is time to launch a mechanism to reward our community for buying, selling, spending, swapping, investing, and staying informed about crypto. Enter VERSE: a utility and rewards token distributed to users who contribute to and participate in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Next up in our series introducing the team behind VERSE: Joseph Collement, CTRL INVESTMENTS’s General Counsel. Joseph is founder of thecryptolawyers.com, one of the first crypto-only law firms in the world, where he has represented top players in the crypto industry.

Joseph has extensive experience with securities laws, capital formation, M&A, and regulatory & licensing in the areas of blockchain technology and cryptoassets.

Here’s what Joseph has to say about VERSE:

”Considering today’s regulatory landscape, launching a utility token can be seen as a daunting task. For the past four years, we’ve been observing what other ecosystems have done with their own tokens (Crypto.com, Binance, FTX, etc). We learned from their mistakes and developed VERSE in a way that rewards CTRL INVESTMENTS ecosystem users in an innovative regulatory-compliant manner. This is an exciting and promising new chapter for all users of the CTRL INVESTMENTS ecosystem.”

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