Edmond Tree Experts Lauded For Offering Professional Tree Fertilization Services

Edmond, Oklahoma – After Justin noticed that his trees were growing weak; he understood the trees needed fertilization. Justin told the reporters that the family sent their daughter to a nearby fertilizer shop and bought fertilizer immediately.

The family values the trees so much,” said Justin. “After a quick tour of the yard, the family noticed that the trees were not doing well. They appeared so weak and unproductive. The wife suggested that the family should get a ‘Do It Yourself’ fertilizer which everyone agreed. She had saved some coins, therefore she sent the daughter to a nearby fertilizer shop. The fertilizer was applied. The family was now sure the trees would become stronger with time. However, things turned out worst as the tree got weaker.

Justin noted that the family got desperate for help since the trees were their source of income. He added that a family friend connected them to Edmond Tree Experts.

The family plants trees hoping to sell them when they mature,” said Justin. “Therefore, it was scary watching them grow weaker and their survival chance going lower. The family consulted Mary—a close family friend who is a well-known tree farmer in Edmond and asked for help. Through her, the family knew about Edmond Tree Experts and reached out for help. They responded immediately and arrived at the yard on the very same day.”


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Justin noted that when the team arrived they did not fertilize the trees immediately as the family expected.

On arriving the team did a quick inspection on the trees,” said Justin as he narrated how Edmond Tree Experts helped him. “They asked whether the trees had been fertilized before. On confirming they had been fertilized, the team said that’s where the entire problem came from. They said the trees had serious tree infections, which if not treated soonest possible the trees would die. The family gave the team a go-ahead and asked them to do everything to save the trees. The team carried out several treatment procedures and left before fertilizing the trees for reasons well known to them since there was still a lot of time to do that. Before leaving, they promised the trees will be okay after the next visit. The family trusted them only because they knew Mary couldn’t direct them to bad people.”

The reporters chose to reach out to the company’s CEO to understand why the team didn’t carry out the fertilization process the same day.

Many homeowners think that the fertilization process is a cure for all diseases,” said the CEO. “However that is just a myth passed to homeowners by people with zero knowledge about trees. The truth is that if you fertilize the tree when it has any health issue the condition worsens. The company’s team understands this and that is why they carried out the treatment first.”

Justin noted that the team came a week later to fertilize the trees. He noted that the team carried out the process quickly.

A week later the team came to fertilize the trees,” said Justin. “By this time the results were very visible. They carried out the process within 2 hours. Today marks six months since the trees were professionally fertilized. They are very strong, appealing, and marketable.

Justin urged homeowners to choose Edmond Tree Experts for good services.

For good services,” said Justin, “homeowners should choose and settle with Edmond Tree Experts. It is a company that values trees’ health.”

Edmond Tree Experts office is located at 402 Gayclifee Ter Edmond, OK, 73003. Homeowners can also reach out to the company at +1 405-444-8128 and sales@treeservicesoklahomacity.net

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