The Best Lip Gloss Tips for 2022 According to

The Best Lip Gloss Tips for 2022 According to

Many people think of lip gloss as the makeup of the 80s that goes along with blue eye shadow. Women use lip gloss to add shine and color to their lips. Lip gloss is produced in liquid and solid forms. Today, lip gloss has seen a resurgence and is more popular than ever. Keep reading for the best refresher tips on everything to know about lip gloss in 2022.

Lip Gloss Finishes

Lip glosses are often shiny and glossy, but they have other finishes, too. Sheer lip gloss provides a hint of color or is clear and tops off a lipstick or lip stain that is more colorful. Pigmented lip gloss is shiny but does not shimmer like some glosses. Pigmented glosses give a vibrant color but do not last as long as lipstick.

Shimmer lip gloss is just that: shimmery. This lip gloss, according to, was popular in the early 2000s. Finally, matte lip glosses are glosses that have a matte finish. Many online retailers, such as Tarte, carry a variety of lip gloss finishes.

Applying Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is much easier to apply than lip liner or lipstick. Apply lipgloss with a wand or from a tube. When applying any lip product, users should start with smooth lips. Users should consider exfoliating the lips by rubbing them with a damp washcloth. A brown sugar and coconut oil scrub is another fantastic way to exfoliate the lips. Rub it into lips for about a minute, and then wash it off.

Users should begin at the center of the lips and apply outward towards the edges of the mouth. They can then rub their lips together to ensure the lip gloss is evenly applied. Click here for additional hints.

Lip Gloss Trends

In today’s fashion world, everyone wants big, plump lips. As people age, they often lose some of the fullness in their lips due to a decrease in collagen. Lip gloss is the perfect compensation. Try plumping lips instead of adding fillers or botox. Check out the Best Lip-Plumping Glosses for Achieving The Perfect Pout in 2022. To get an appearance of plumped lips, users should place a bit of lip gloss in the centers of the lower and upper lips.

Glossy eyelids are another trend in 2022. Users can dab a bit of clear lip gloss onto the eyelids for a trendy look. This trick is used by many makeup artists for a glossy look for editorial photoshoots. Be sure to use a lip gloss that is safe for use around eyes.

Lip gloss can also be the base of lip makeup. Try applying loose powder pigment over lip gloss and mix the two for a completely different look.

Making It Last

Lip gloss does not usually last well. Makeup artists suggest first filling lips with lip liner, then set it with powder. After this, apply the lip gloss on top of the base, and it will last longer.

A few of these tips will have lips looking fresh and full in no time. Consider these tips to help lip gloss last longer and look better than ever.

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