J&M Tree Service Lake Elsinore Urges Homeowners to Avoid Carrying Out Tree Services on Their Own

Lake Elsinore, California – Following the increased injury cases related to tree care services, J&M Tree Service Lake Elsinore has started a campaign urging tree owners to avoid carrying out the services alone. The CEO noted that the company is always ready to receive any tree care service request anytime and act immediately.

There are very many people in the hospitals today as a result of trying to carry out tree services on their own,” said the CEO during the announcement. “Is it worth spending a lot of time, finances, as well as hurt your body for something that could be handled by a professional? Therefore, it is always advisable for homeowners to let real professionals carry out the complicated services. Real professionals refer to those who have been providing tree services for years now and thus have enough experience. For this reason, J&M Tree Service Lake Elsinore is always ready to receive tree care services requests and the team will always act accordingly immediately.”

The CEO noted that when the homeowner carried out the service on his own, he increased the risk of killing the trees slowly without his knowledge.

Homeowners should understand that for every action they do on the trees,” said the CEO, “they could be killing their trees unknowingly. To begin with, homeowners do not have the preferred tools for tree care services. Secondly, they do not understand the right time to carry out the procedures and hence just carry them out randomly—this means when they are free. Homeowners might not understand the problems they are causing on their trees until they come across trees taken care of by a professional—this is when then they can tell the difference.”


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The CEO made it clear that several tree care services needed a lot of skills and knowledge that the homeowners did not have.

No matter how simple it looks, some services are far much beyond tree owners’ understanding,” said the CEO. “To begin with, the fertilization process, for it to be successful, a good quality fertilizer should be used. Homeowners rush to the fertilizer shop and buy the ‘Do It Yourself’ fertilizer whose benefit to trees is minimal. Homeowners may also not be able to measure the soil structure which is very important to know before carrying out the fertilization process. Transplanting also has to do with the weather condition of the new area, soil type, and many other factors best known to tree professionals.”

The CEO noted that the company had come across a lot of tree problems caused by homeowners.

Anytime J&M Tree Service Lake Elsinore received a new client requesting trees treatment,” said the CEO during the announcement, “the problem was either caused by using fake professionals or the homeowner carrying the process on his own. Some conditions were beyond repair and the company’s team was forced to cut trees down. It was saddening as the company has been avoiding cutting down trees as much as possible. Afterward, the clients who settled with J&M Tree Service Lake Elsinore can now tell their trees are doing better.”

The CEO made it clear that the company would continue working hard to save lives and trees.

The thought of losing trees and people getting injured or even losing their lives,” said the CEO “scares J&M Tree Service Lake Elsinore a lot. The company will continue working hard to save lives.”

J&M Tree Service Lake Elsinore office is located at 18263 Collier Ave, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530, United States. The company can also be reached by contacting +1 951-524-7418 and sales@riversidetreecare.com. 

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