J&M Tree Service Moreno Valley Saves Trees by Pruning

Moreno Valley, California – After the trees in Mary’s yard were affected by an unknown disease, she knew they needed them to be treated immediately. Having used J&M Tree Service Moreno Valley earlier, she called the company immediately.

The kids were having fun in the yard when they came and told the husband about the trees,” narrated Mary. “The husband checked and confirmed that they all needed quick professional attention. The family knew J&M Tree Service Moreno Valley after using the company for many years. The husband contacted J&M Tree Service Moreno Valley immediately.”

Mary told the reporters that the J&M Tree Service Moreno Valley tree care team arrived a few minutes after contacting the company.

J&M Tree Service Moreno Valley arrived at the yard 10 minutes after the call,” said Mary. “It was not surprising since every time the family placed its request the company had never been late. “

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Mary noted that the trees were in a bad condition and they expected the team to remove them to prevent disease spreading. She confirmed that the team did not remove the trees but pruned them instead.

The neighbor’s trees were also infected with the same infections, and they were all removed,” said Mary as she narrated how J&M Tree Service Moreno Valley saved the family trees. “Although the neighbor had used a different tree care company, the family expected the trees to be removed. This was not the case with J&M Tree Service Moreno Valley as they told the family that tree removal would be the very last option if only all the other methods failed. The company’s tree care team pruned the trees and used a few tree medicines.”

Mary noted that it took 6 days for the trees to be okay.

The team promised the family that the trees would be fine in a few days and true to their words it took only 6 days for the trees to be healed,” said Mary. “That was a win for the family as they were planning to use the trees to build a new home.”

The reporters decided to reach out to J&M Tree Service Moreno Valley to find out the reason they chose not to remove the trees. The phone call was answered by the company’s CEO.

Tree removal has never been the best option,” said the CEO. “A real tree care company should first find out if other means can be used. Luckily J&M Tree Service Moreno Valley has trained its team well and they don’t rush to remove the trees when a homeowner tells them to. However, the trees can be removed if the homeowner says he doesn’t need them anymore. In Mary’s case, her trees were young and could be easily pruned. Also, tree removal is a bit expensive compared to pruning, J&M Tree Service Moreno Valley cares about its clients’ pockets and thus decided to advise Mary accordingly. The company knows that a loss of one tree is a very big loss and thus does everything to avoid causing the loss.”

Mary noted that homeowners looking forward to retaining their trees should contact J&M Tree Service Moreno Valley.

Talking from experience,” said Mary, “tree owners wishing to maintain their trees even after they are attacked by different infections should contact, J&M Tree Service Moreno Valley. It is the only tree care company that values homeowners’ trees like their own. The company also gives its clients basic guidelines to take care of their trees.”

J&M Tree Service Moreno Valley is located at 12410 Graham St, Moreno Valley, CA 92553, United States. Homeowners can reach the family via +1 951-524-7131 and sales@riversidetreecare.com.

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