San Marcos Tree Service Experts Impresses Homeowner with Affordable Fallen Tree Removal Cost

San Marcos, California – When a tree fell on John’s landscape, the homeowner knew that he had to get someone to remove the tree. After doing his research, he was satisfied that San Marcos Tree Service Experts would offer him the best service.

Numerous signals were showing that San Marcos Tree Service Experts would deliver the best experience for the family when it came to the tree removal procedure,” said John. “After performing a search online, the family came across numerous positive testimonials left behind by people who had used the company’s tree maintenance services. The company had managed to maintain a 5-star rating.”

The homeowner noted one thing that drew his family to the company was the company had been in business for more than 25 years. What’s more, the company boasted advanced tree maintenance tools.

Also,” said John, “most of the homeowners on the company’s reviews mentioned affordability. The family did not want to spend a lot of money on the fallen tree removal procedure—thank God that the family decided to go with San Marcos Tree Service Experts.”

San Marcos Tree Service Experts reportedly offered John a price that was half of what he had expected.

When the company’s team of tree maintenance professionals arrived on the landscape to perform a cost estimate,” said the homeowner, “the number that came out of the professional’s mouth was 49% of what the family was planning to spend. The family expected the price to run high considering the fallen tree was more than 100 feet tall.”

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The homeowner noted that San Marcos Tree Service Experts explained that fallen trees are extremely easy to remove. A team of reporters had to contact the company’s head office to understand some of the factors that the company looked at when pricing its tree removal procedures.

The company looks at several factors when deciding the price for a tree removal procedure,” said the company’s chief of field operations. “The first thing that the company looks at is the risks surrounding the procedure.”

The chief of field operations explained that when it comes to the risks, the company has to check on the utilities surrounding a tree and then figure out how they would be impacted. He noted that if a tree was surrounded by houses and other utilities, the tree removal cost would be higher compared to a tree standing away from utilities.

The company also looks at the tree’s height and crown width,” said the chief of field operations. “For instance, every homeowner in San Marcos expects a 150-foot tall white pine to have a higher tree removal cost compared to a 30-foot tree. This is pure logic since a smaller tree will be easier to control.”

The chief of field operations noted that the condition of the tree may also affect the price San Marcos Tree Service Experts would charge for tree removal. He noted that trees with internal decay are riskier compared to trees with an intact wood structure—this means that decaying trees are costlier to remove compared to non-decaying trees.

Finally,” said the chief of field operations, “the company always charges a lower price for fallen trees compared to standing trees. This is because the fallen trees are extremely easy to remove. If those trees are lying on the clear ground—like John’s tree did—most of the work is already done for the company. This is why the price charged by the company to remove John’s tree was just 49% of what he had expected.”

San Marcos Tree Service Experts has its base of operation at 1255 Stone Dr, San Marcos, CA 92078, United States. The company can be contacted at +1 442-280-7601 and

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