Tree Service Experts Merced Helps a Marketing Company Improve the Visibility of a Billboard

Merced, California – Tree Service Experts Merced recently received a call from a marketing company that wanted help improving the billboard’s visibility. A few palm trees had obstructed the billboard. The palm trees had overgrown over the last 2 years and were costing the marketing company in regards to the visibility of the billboard. Billboards are a good way of advertising on busy highways. However, if they are not visible enough, they become useless.

Marketing entirely depends on the visibility of the boards,” said Stephanie from the marketing company. “The company has invested heavily in the billboards and it is disturbing when the set objective is not met. The billboard has been standing on the highway for about 4 years since the company was established. However, the palm trees had not been pruned. Recently, the company signed an overwhelming deal with another company that wanted their business marketed on the billboard. With such a deal it is the responsibility of the company to ensure the billboard remains visible to the general public.”

Stephanie noted the company was facing complaints from the company that had their advert running on the billboard. The complaints stressed the marketing company, as mentioned by Stephanie, and they needed to act fast to resolve the situation.


To see how Tree Service Experts Merced handles risky procedures, read this story:

Tree pruning services on a busy highway are often critical,” said the field operations officer from Tree Service Experts Merced. “The team has to be extra careful to ensure that no casualties are inherent from the procedure. In such a procedure the highway involved cars and a slight misjudgment from the team would cost the company a lot of dollars. Let alone the busy traffic, communication cables, and electric cables harboring the billboard as well had to be considered. Therefore the team has to be careful to ensure the procedure is assiduously carried out. The company’s team of tree cutting professionals had to disconnect power to ensure maximum safety during the procedure.”

The field operations officer mentioned Tree Service Experts Merced had to make a local arrangement with the power company to ensure the power shortage was communicated before the operation. He further stated that the power flow also posed risks to the tree removal team.

Settling for a tree removal company that could offer standard tree pruning services was a maze,” said Stephanie. “The marketing company’s board was not looking for a cut-and-dried tree service. The board decided to go through every tree company step by step. Tree Service Experts Merced came first in all merits of selection-they had the best services at an affordable fee. Besides the service fee, it had significant testimonials from customers it had served.”

When responding to the marketing company over the phone call, they were brief and straight to the point,” said the Tree Service Experts Merced CEO. “They wanted the operation carried out soon enough to cut down the raised issues the obscured billboard was posing. Tree Service Experts Merced has been in tree service operations for nearly a decade and all this time, it has battled to ensure the customer’s needs are met. Therefore, the company does not doubt meeting the marketing company’s expectations.”

The company’s CEO confidently displayed his trust in the tree maintenance team. And importantly, he stated the company had all the modern tree removal machines to ensure efficiency.

Tree Service Experts Merced kept its words and the next day its tree cutting team started the pruning of the palm trees,” noted Stephanie. “They accessed the palm crowns and pruned all the overgrown branches to make the billboard visible. After the whole procedure, the billboard remained detectable from all possible angles.”

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