Husnain Kamran is now appointed as new COO of Mapogo Labs

Husnain Kamran has now decided to invest heavily into Mapogo Labs. A project which aims to revolutionise the Metaverse and the VR industry. They are speculated to already being in talks with Meta (Facebook) for a new contract as the team of 200+ developers, who have been recruited from prestigious universities like Oxford and Cambridge, have developed a new ground-breaking technology for the Virtual Reality industry & the Metaverse.

Mapogo Labs has been noticed by several leading tech companies such as Facebook. Their clear potential has attracted many elite investors from all over the world to become a part of this revolutionary project.

A little insight to Husnain’s past

Between yacht events, holidays in far-off countries, and magnificent homes. Husnain Kamran leads an extravagant lifestyle. Originally from Lahore, he is the founder and CEO of HK Investment Group, Kamran Group Of Companies, as well as owning an international empire in the textile industry.

His recent achievement in cryptocurrencies is making headlines around the world. His investment firm, HK Investment Group has also become one of the fastest growing private investment groups in the world, through their funding initiative HKIG, they are investing in quickly expanding technologies such as the Metaverse.

Nevertheless, all of the luxuries that currently characterise Husnain’s life are the results of hard-work that arrived after an extended time of learning.

Early on, Husnain Kamran was regarded as a student with an exceptional ability to try new things. He has received many rewards at an early age from internationally recognised award shows.

When Kamran initially caught the “computer virus,” he was just 13 years old. The 13-year-old launched his first business using YouTube as a source of knowledge. At an early age he taught himself on how to create websites which lead to him soon designing and building numerous successful web stores.

Now, he is an accredited angel investor and invests in a variety of products and businesses through his startup studio and other channels.

The Future

With positions at firms like Mapogo Labs, Kamran is deeply involved in the digital sector. He is also considered as a blockchain authority and pioneer by international organisations, conferences, and magazines.

Husnain, who is sophisticated in conversation, claims that Mapogo Labs is a platform that seeks to reward users, content producers, and game developers. The name ‘Mapogo’ comes from the famous Mapogo lions which is supposed to represent the unity and strength between the Mapogo team and community.

Husnain typically stays out of the spotlight, but in his most recent project, he is creating a platform to encourage young people to recognise the potential with emerging technologies like the Metaverse. He has made an effort to devote more of his time to educating people about the digital world and their potential to help struggling people escape poverty.

When asked about his formula for internet success in a recent interview, he was reported as saying, “Research. In this ever expanding industry, knowledge is a never-ending pursuit. So, in my opinion, having knowledge will be a crucial attribute for success in this sector.

Husnain Kamran appears to possess the ability to organise original ideas into dynamic, effective systems. He has a typically outstanding resume and professional history for someone his age. It appears that he started his journey as a company innovator when he was still a young adult and was bitten by the “advanced bug” both early on and frequently. Husnain appears to have extensive knowledge of and experience with mobile applications, and his company, HK Investment Group, has developed and distributed many software services.

As for now, Mapogo Labs seems like it has a bright future ahead as it’s brilliant team and major funding from investors like Husnain Kamran is leading to a fast development of ground-breaking technologies.

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