Simplified Retirement Strategy Takes Income Planning in Retirement A Step Further

Dan Campana, a retirement income planning specialist, educator, author and lecturer leads the charge in helping clients create a guaranteed lifetime income plan they can’t outlive.

Simplified Retirement Strategy has ramped up efforts to develop a predictable and sustainable income stream during retirement clients can’t outlive while at the same time minimizing taxes and leaving more money for loved ones. 

Studies have shown that the most effective portfolios include those with stocks and secured income annuities but without bonds. These are the portfolios that provide the tiniest chance of running out of money and the biggest chance of leaving something behind.

Dan Campana, the founder, says it’s crucial to understand that in retirement, people don’t live on assets but on income. During retirement, they are not only going to need “playchecks” but also need “paychecks” so they can actually enjoy retirement.  

Income annuities beat bond funds as a retirement income tool because they provide mortality credits, which is the money left over when an annuity owner passes away too soon than expected. 

Simplified Retirement Strategy leads the way in helping clients with income planning in retirement so they can enjoy more Social Security benefits, protect their savings from inflation, plan for long-term medical costs and secure more guaranteed retirement income.

The company creates guaranteed retirement income to live as long as clients do. Whether they’re just entering the workforce or are several years away from retirement, creating a financial blueprint means considering a safe and secure indexed strategy, which after retirement will give a guaranteed lifetime income stream they can’t outlive.

Dan Campana is on track with his mission to help Baby Boomers, entrepreneurs, and investors transform their savings into a sustainable income stream that can provide them with a comfortable and worry-free retirement without losing principal during market crashes. 

Dan Campana has more than two decades of experience in the financial services industry and has helped thousands of individuals work towards achieving their financial goals and ideal retirement. He was also picked to join a unique team of advisors with over three decades of experience working with Credit Union members in Northern California.

Those who want to get started in protecting their life savings for a comfortable retirement may send a direct message to the team right away. Others who wish to learn more about Simplified Retirement Strategy may visit the website for more information.

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