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Prosperity Of Life is a foremost leader in the personal development space that is striving towards revamping the lives of individuals so that they can achieve personal empowerment.

It’s no longer news that the pandemic changed the world forever. It brought devastation to a number of businesses that are still yet to recover from its effect. But for Prosperity Of Life, the pandemic saw them experience a boom. As the pandemic dragged on with no end in sight, many people turned their attention to embarking on a journey of self discovery & personal development played a key role in ones attempt to try and find some peace and clarity amongst the chaos. Prosperity Of Life was positioned well and able to service their clients’ needs by providing their personal development courses online.  Using Zoom & other multimedia technology, the company pivoted easily throughout the pandemic to still deliver quality content that people love. 

So it was not surprising that its distributors were able to smash previous income records right in the heart of the pandemic due to an increase in individuals looking for quality personal development content to help them cope mentally. In addition, Prosperity Of Life has also seen an increase in inquiries for folks looking to work remotely and establish greater levels of personal independence. 

“We’ve found a steady increase of people looking for a way to work from home.  Many are  particularly interested in  finding a solution that isn’t at the effect of mandates or restrictions. So with our system being 100% online that can be operated from anywhere around the world, we’re well positioned to meet this demand”, said Rachel Krider, co-founder of Prosperity Of Life. 

Prosperity Of Life is a personal development company that is on a mission to guide individuals towards achieving success and financial independence. To achieve this, the company offers effective self-educational online courses and live events that develop confidence and self-reliance. All of the companies products, including the award winning Beyond Freedom Evolution program, have been specially crafted to help individuals that aspire to undergo phenomenal transformation in their lives.

In addition to personal development courses, Prosperity Of Life also offers a turnkey business solution to men and women with a strong desire to fully take advantage of the work remotely boom. 

The business solution offered by Prosperity Of Life is similar to that of a franchise system, but without the hefty fees and no area restrictions. Some have dubbed it a “business in a box” with full systems and support in place.

You don’t require any special skills or qualifications. Simply a burning desire to change your working environment with a view to reach the next level in your personal and professional career. 

Some of the ways that Prosperity Of Life supports its distributors is through the development of marketing assets. Distributors have the ability to obtain these marketing assets free of charge as they develop their business to reach greater levels of success. 

Some of the free marketing assets available to distributors include:

–  Video production: This helps business owners to position themselves authentically online & to share their story with the world to provide essential branding for their online business.

–  Marketing training: This is handled by Rachel Krider & the executive leadership team of Prosperity Of Life. During the teachings, Rachel and the team provide detailed tips for business owners to successfully build and promote their online business on digital platforms.

–  Lifestyle and business photos: Professionals are hired to take headshots and lifestyle photos of Prosperity Of Life distributors so as to give them marketing material that  enables them to boost their credibility and establish a professional online presence

Since its establishment, Prosperity Of Life has grown to impact more than 127,000 individuals in over 132 countries. Its website is further littered with tons of positive Prosperity Of Life reviews of individuals who have had their lives changed for the better as a result of taking part in its courses and other personal development products.  

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