Eyal Bar Or – CEO of the software company Safe Zone with a new edition of his book “Leadership – Be the Captain of Your Life” along with a revolutionary app

“Leadership – Be the Captain of Your Life.” This is the sentence that lives on in the reprint of the book of the international entrepreneur, Eyal Bar-Or. Bar-Or is a lecturer and instigator for the next generation of entrepreneurs and high-tech people in Israel and around the world, with the help of the translated Kindle version that is distributed around the globe in 4 different languages.

Along with the book in Hebrew, English, Hindu and Arabic, the innovative international application is also launched for businessmen in general and exporters in particular, which allows an examination of the “blacklists” of the US government and the UN, to identify people and companies marked with those lists. Business and thus already at the stage of purchase and at the stage of sale it is possible to avoid contact with prohibited parties. The app is relevant and suitable for any international entrepreneur, no matter what he buys or sells from oranges to UAVs.

The skipper model devised by Bar-Or works at sea, in the air and on land. Designed for everyone, from teenagers who want to start their personal leadership journey in the world to veteran “captains” who want to take the next step in their personal development.

“One of the most important tools to have in any leader’s arsenal is the ability to manage change. Even before I wrote the book, I wrote the methodology in the work itself, in my mind” Eyal Bar-Or, an electronics and computer engineer by profession and owner of the company Safe Zone, told us in an exclusive interview which was conducted at Contento Now’s Digital TV Studio.

Why leadership in the Skipper model, you ask? Well, in parallel with his extensive technological and entrepreneurial career, Bar-Or decided to issue a license to be a captain of a speedboat. At first, just as a hobby to sail, fish and relax off the coasts of Greece. Then, in an insight that came to his mind like a flash of light, all the pieces fell into place: guidance, leadership and sailing, it goes together. He realized that if he needed the principles he learned in his skipper course, he could adapt them to all areas of leadership at a variety of stages of life and help more people harness their leadership qualities in the best way.

Eyal Bar-Or began to develop his method and realized that he must spread his teachings to those who are looking for meaningful tools for leadership around the world. He has written and published his fascinating book, “be the Captain of your life,” which aims to give practical tools to the target audience defined above, and enable them to run courses and workshops on their own based on this leadership. The book is now being distributed in four different languages ​​around the world, and is on its way to being published in a fifth language. The intention is to create an endless funnel of knowledge that passes from readers to teachers and lecturers who continue to spread the method among their relatives and students. Smart managers know how to identify natural leadership among their employees and utilize their skills to advance their goals, and so the circle continues to violate itself optimally.

We at Contento Now, an international publishing house, are very proud to accompany Eyal upstairs on his unique journey. We were happy to interview him in our digital TV studio and hear about the most moving, powerful and important moments in his professional and entrepreneurial career.

The goal of Bar-Or in this course is that for each of his students, they will understand not only the technical meaning of sailing a boat, but also its symbolic meaning, so that he can later apply it to other places in his personal life, according to his needs.

Eyal founded the Safe Zone Company because he recognized the main difficulty of importers, exporters and even high-tech companies in examining their products under strict US supervision. To overcome the challenge, Eyal and the company’s team of engineers have developed a multi-layered defense system that examines in depth each component for supervision here in Israel, which are used by the Israeli regulator in the Ministry of Economy.

We asked Natanel Semrik, publisher and CEO of Contento Now for the past three decades, about his personal experience in the intriguing process with Eyal: “This is an inspiring person with a recommended leadership model for all ages.”

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