I Died But I Survived, NFTs Dedicated to a Cause

The blockchain industry has witnessed tremendous growth in the last decade and is offering exciting opportunities to investors. And one of the domains that have been a significant contributor to this success is NFTs. NFTs provide several benefits over conventional investments, be it the ability to use them in games, earn exciting rewards, and, of course, the idea of owning digital art supersedes all else. But, NFTs are meant to be more than that. A concept this successful could be used to benefit society. And we finally have a project that intends to do just that, the I Died But I Survived NFT collection.

Comprising a total of 800 unique NFTs, each with a different trait and characteristics, I Died But I Survived has an interesting backstory and is dedicated to a cause. The founder once overdosed on pills with the intention to end his life, only to be saved by two determined loved ones, and has managed to get his life back on track after beating all odds and a prolonged battle with depression. Collin, the founder of I Died But I survived, now intends to help others battling depression and suicidal thoughts through NFTs, something he had wanted to do for a long time.

To do that, 40% of the proceeds, once all the NFTs are sold, would go to the American Suicide Prevention Foundation and other organizations helping people battling depression. Another $50,000 in $ETH would be transferred to a volunteer ambulance organization to refurbish the existing fleet or purchase new ambulances as they see fit. Also, 10% of the total revenue would be distributed amongst the investors in a one-off raffle. The I Died But I Survived project also plans to set up a merchandise store where 50% of the revenue would be donated to people battling depression and other mental health issues. 

In addition to all these, the community of investors, together with the founder, can come up with more such projects to help those who need it the most because mental health is a critical problem often overlooked.

The I Died But I Survived NFTs would be available for minting at 1 $ETH, a reasonable price given the fantastic collection and the fact that its proceeds will go to charity. There is no limit on the number of NFTs one can purchase, and secondary sales will take place on OpenSea.

If you have been planning to invest in NFTs, the I Died But I Survived Collection would be a perfect choice. It offers excellent returns, spreads awareness about a significant health issue the world is battling, and most of the generated revenue is donated to make the world a better place. So, go ahead, mint as many NFTs as you can, and do your bit for those suffering from mental health issues.

To find out more about I Died But I Survived NFTs, visit the official website: https://idiedbutisurvived.com/

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