Fremont Orthodontics Makes Finding Local Orthodontists More Accessible to Everyone

As the first professional network of registered Orthodontists in Alameda County, Fremont Orthodontics is on a mission to make finding a local Orthodontist more affordable and convenient.

With its unique lead generation model, Fremont Orthodontics’ innovative approach was recently recognized by its users as the easiest and most effective way to find the best braces and dental treatment options.

The professional dental network offers orthodontic and general dentistry to all ages in Fremont and the surrounding areas. This includes (but is not limited to) cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, teeth whitening, and cleaning.

Joe Shafer, the founder of Fremont Orthodontics, has said, “Rising above circumstance, I’m thrilled to be back in Fremont for the work of improving dental health in this community. I’m excited to help others in need and match patients with the best practitioners for them. California has some of the best orthodontic treatment available in the country!”

Fremont Orthodontics is proud to offer referrals to affordable dentistry for families covered under Medicaid or other types of insurance. It’s not just in Fremont but all over California and Alameda County.

Fremont Orthodontics leads the way in California for affordable and Medicaid-compliant dental care. They’re supported by DigiMarketing Group and have served more than 70,000 patients annually. Fremont Orthodontics is dedicated to improving people’s lives by offering high-quality dental care in a friendly, caring environment.

Fremont Orthodontics is introducing a new way to manage the administrative tasks of dental practices. This includes incorporating lean marketing principles, lead generation process improvement, and other methods to reduce stress and increase profitability.

“We’ve become an affiliation of professional orthodontists using a common platform of digital processes and systems. We position orthodontic practices for growth that rewards our partners beyond what a practice can do on its own but, most importantly, does not require any access to the dental practice’s website or marketing accounts,” said Shafer.

Shafer is a seasoned professional in the marketing field. Before DigiMarketing Group, Shafer led a successful corporate career in marketing services for medical organizations. DigiMarketing Group operates digital assets utilized for the successful marketing of similar entities.

Shafer says, “Many dentist practices are attracted to the efficiencies that managed SEO brings to individual practices. These days, sophisticated marketing and high technology make it difficult for dental practitioners to focus on their practice.” Shafer added that the partnership model allowed the dentist to concentrate on their practice. At the same time, Fremont Orthodontics handles all the back-office operations.

Fremont Orthodontics already has eight dental office partnerships. All partnerships are currently made in California, but discussions have begun with other practices across the country.

Dr. Neel DeSanto, Fremont (California), said he was looking for a way to reduce marketing and SEO pricing costs without joining a large group or sacrificing control of their website.

Primary services available includes Invisalign, Braces, and General Dentistry.

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