A Compelling and Undeniable Metal and Rock Album: Dynamic Powerhouse Psych Machine Stun with ‘Scorched Earth’

A Compelling and Undeniable Metal and Rock Album: Dynamic Powerhouse Psych Machine Stun with ‘Scorched Earth’
A magnetic sophomore release, ‘Scorched Earth’ showcases the rising Rock group at its very best- complete with infectious flow and lyrics

Metal and Rock fans are set to rejoice as rising Rock band Psych Machine drop yet another enthralling album. Titled ‘Scorched Earth’, the group’s newest drop is a display of hard-hitting, honest, and sensory song writing which will resonate with audiences and captivate all fans of the genre.

‘Scorched Earth’ is a standout sophomore album by the group which elucidates the artist’s unique ability of channeling all the right emotions through their fierce and bold musical style. The album follows up on the artist’s debut album self-styled as ‘Psych Machine’, which marked their bold and thrilling breakthrough into industry in October 2021, unveiling an impressive set of exciting Metal singles.

With intriguing and compelling tracks that include, “Primal Says”, “Art of Confusion”, “Psycho Twitch”, and “Like a Willow”, Psych Machine draw listeners into the intense complexities and riveting intricacies that underpin human emotion. Through rich, vivid, and inviting vocals and rhythmic compositions, the talented artists weave a whole new world of their own- a feat that demands both awe and inspiration.

True to its core, however, Psych Machines’ latest album is pure, uninhibited Rock and Metal, taking listeners back to a refined, memorable, yet experimental musical character. A rising powerhouse in the genre, Psych Machine are driven to open into newer avenues and make their formidable mark in a beloved, distinct musical genre.

Psych Machine is the name behind two eclectic and seasoned artists who are changing the soundscapes of Metal and Rock. Wendy Reiss assumes her role as lead vocalist with her spellbinding vocal prowess and is joined by singer-songwriter Craig Bartock, the band’s guitarist whose inventive spirit remains boundless.

Stream Psych Machine’s new album, “Scorched Earth” on Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon Music. For interviews, queries, and to learn more about this dynamic Rock-Metal force, reach out through the artist’s website!


Psych Machine is a dynamic and talented Metal and Rock band based in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. The rising group is fully furnishing the genre with their stunning musical compositions. The group is led by the prowess of Wendy Reiss, who plays the role of lead vocalist, while also balancing her other professional career in the psychiatric field. The promising artist complements Craig Bartock, the band’s lead guitar player from musical collective ‘Heart’, with whom she has developed the stirring new album. After the drop of their latest album in October 2021, Psych Machine is looking forward to even more refreshing and stunning compositions.


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSCJgvn-v0in8ZX1gg8RR2Q

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3pP4CzcLQCktlOXWq9OEnx

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Company Name: Psych Machine
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City: Nazareth
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