Dr. Duong Van Sinh Invents Two Revolutionary Renewable Energy Solutions to Offset Global Energy Crisis

Dr. Duong Van Sinh is a Vietnamese master of economics that recently invented a renewable scrap battery device and a unique method of renewing lead acid batteries in an eco-friendly fashion.

According to data sourced from the United Nations Environment Program, it is estimated that approximately 86% of the total global consumption of lead is for the production of lead-acid batteries. As the demand for motor vehicles soars in countries undergoing economic development, the production of lead-acid batteries and waste thereof is causing an enormous impact on the environment.

Dr. Duong Van Sinh, a Vietnamese inventor and master of economics has created groundbreaking solutions to the rising problem of battery waste, presenting the world with a revolutionary device designed to scrap lead-acid batteries, as well as an exquisite method of environmentally-friendly battery renewal. 

According to Dr. Duong Van Sinh, the goal of his groundbreaking creations was to preserve nature and present an alternative, more efficient, and eco-friendlier method of battery renewal, stating:

“The invention aims to regenerate the scrap batteries to protect the environment and save costs by reusing renewable batteries. Batteries contain a lot of harmful substances, especially lead. This is a heavy metal, especially toxic to the human brain, kidneys, reproductive, and cardiovascular systems,” Dr. Duong Van Sinh said. 

Dr.Duong Van Sinh’s innovative solutions and methods to renew scrap batteries have already been deployed by numerous countries, most notably his birth country Vietnam, Australia, India, Cambodia, and many others. 

After a series of regimented tests, Dr. Duong Van Sinh’s inventions have yielded surprisingly positive results. The batteries regenerated via his new method have replenished their life between 60 and 100%. Furthermore, Dr. Duong Van Sinh added that there is no substantial disparity between renewed and original batteries in terms of efficiency, lifespan, and use cases. 

Although the effectiveness of the new scrap battery regeneration device is already staggering, Dr. Duong Van Sinh stated that he believes his inventions can be improved even further and serve as the canvas for creating more advanced, far superior technologies and solutions.

More information about Dr. Duong Van Sinh is available on australiascrap.com.

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