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School Branding Agency is on a mission to awaken school brands thanks to its all-in-one stellar branding services.

Branding is usually the last thing on the mind of most public schools. It is mostly regarded as being solely for people in businesses and organizations. But the prevalence of recognizable brands in today’s digital age calls for schools to also get on the train or risk being left behind. Besides, schools are always in in a stiff competition with each other to attract students or risk failing. Thus, a great way for a school to stand heads and shoulders above the rest is to have a recognizable brand. 

But contrary to popular beliefs, branding isn’t all about a change of logo, name and tagline. A school’s brand is its calling card. It’s how it is identified in the community and remembered. A school brand should also be able to evoke a range of emotional reactions in people, from nostalgia to a sense of identity and belonging. It is this result that School Branding Agency is giving hundreds of schools across the U.S.


School Branding Agency is a dedicated agency specializing in creating mascot designs, logo designs, and branding for elementary schools, middle or junior high schools, and high schools. The agency does this by creating fresh and stunning-looking mascot logos for schools as well as sports teams that not only look awesome but are also memorable.

Unlike other generic design agencies, School Branding Agency is exclusively dedicated to creating school logo design, school mascot design, and school mascot logo for schools across the country. SBA starts off with a through discovery process to understand the school’s values, purpose and message. It also researches the community, the core audience and parents. Once all this information has been compiled, School Branding Agency then goes on to create designs that are message centric and strategic.


Since its inception in 1998, School Branding Agency has used its knowledge of brand strategy and brand identity design to help hundreds of schools to stand out from the crowd. Not only does the agency come up with overall branding, it further provides merchandise and package design ideas for its clients to profit from. However, the agency is not limited to working with individual schools as it also works with districts and counties.

According to the head of a school district that School Branding Agency worked with, “What could have been an intimidating task of redesigning over 50 school logos was made simple by working with Mash at School Branding Agency. As the creative director on our projects, he listened to our input and exceeded our expectations. The mascot logos were created on-time, and all of our schools were thrilled with their new logos. Mash ensured that our schools had high-quality professional logos that will not only stand the test of time but truly represent their individual school cultures.”

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