A former Marine veteran turned TikTok renovation star makes waves globally for his amazing renovations

For Adam, a USMC veteran and dad to four boys, restoring a historic home is about making sure that it lives on to witness many more families build their love stories and create more memories.

Adam Miller, a former Marine veteran, continues to make waves globally for his excellent home renovations that leave thousands inspired. 

Together with his wife Jessica, Adam is gaining a massive following on social media over creative Do It Yourself (DIY) projects, getting over 1.8 million followers on TikTok @oldhouseadam and another 131,000 followers. 

The two have turned to the Old House Adam social channel to document their home flipping adventures. The husband-and-wife tandem has lived in four of their renovations, which include their present home in Historic Concord. 

Jessica grew up in the house that Adam bought and is renovating for her, complete with a perfect bathroom for her to have a home birth in for their fifth son. 

Adam, however, is lauded by thousands around the world not just for his impressive home repairs and those old houses videos on Old House Adam but for his take on parenthood. 

“Renovating my wife’s childhood home for the last two years has been like a dream. She has given me so much out of life, and it’s nice to make her life happy every chance I get. I felt like a ghost ‘til I met her,” says Adam. 


Adam said it took him a war to realize the value in the quality of life for his family versus his own needs. “That’s when you realized happiness is not a destination, but moments,” stressed Adam.

When they got married, Adam said he tried to make decisions or do things without telling Jessica. But when he included her and respected her, that’s when they became unstoppable.


“She pushes me every day, and I do the same for her. We know every goal and every dream. We work together to achieve them. I thought being a man was leading and making the decisions. When I started valuing yes/no as an authority equal to my own or respected her,” Adam said on his page @oldhouseadam. 

Abbey Franer, a follower of the Millers, wrote in a comment: “Makes me emotional. She had a dream, and you’d give her the world with your own two hands. Beautiful home for your family.”

Raven, another avid follower, said she loves when men are not afraid to admit how much they love their spouse.

“They make the ultimate power couple. A woman is at her best when she has support,” writes Raven.

Adam and Jessica’s historic home flipping is not only a benefit to them but to the Concord community in general.

The former Marine veteran says what makes Concord awesome is its historic homes and the feeling of community that the homes offer in the whole area. 

The couple’s home flipping adventures may take the world by storm, but it’s their love story that really makes followers swoon. Those who want to follow Adam Miller may visit https://www.instagram.com/oldhouseadam/. 

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