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From photos and videos on health and lifestyle, art and design, science and technology, history and religion, food and travel, and everything of the like have been encapsulated in one single platform. Ba-bamail is equal parts fun and learning.  

Created in 2012, Ba-bamail, a resourcefulness initiative, has brought forward a myriad of content right at the click of a button. The website is divided into six major categories: Health, Quizzes, Jokes, Riddles, Tips, and Recipes. 

Starting with the Health and wellbeing department, the mountain of articles in it are sorted into further groups of various ailments like heart, diabetes, skin, hair, etc. Anyone looking to get some information and knowledge, or even just checking to see for matching symptoms, can read the countless articles. 

The Quizzes section is the most entertaining. It has a variety of quizzes such as trivia, psychological, spiritual, health, logic, and mathematics. A person can spend literal hours swapping quizzes, exercising one’s brain, and getting amused simultaneously.

Want to feel better, laugh a little? The Jokes portion of the website will make its readers lol (laugh out loud). From puns to one-liners, family jokes to animal jokes; one cannot hold in laughter while reading these hilarious jokes. 

Looking to hone mental skills, Ba-bamail has even introduced many riddles one can choose from to test the wisdom. Similarly, as before, the riddles are also subdivided into various levels and categories ranging from easy to hardest, from food to Who Am I?

The Tips and DIY portion offers numerous tricks and methods to accomplish even the simplest of tasks like garden tricks; or how to grow anything from kitchen scraps. 

Last but not least, the food segment has the recipes for some of the most delicious and mouth-watering foods ever. The recipes are from all over the World and are organized into vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, children’s, and so much more. 

All in all, this website seems like a gift from above. Everything one needs to know or wants to do organized on a single website. This has inspired many people to pursue passionate things; rather than scrolling aimlessly and uselessly. Staying busy all day, and engaging oneself, has profound effects on physical and mental health. Negative thoughts stay at bay, while one can peacefully dive into this website and search for anything that grabs attention. 

Ba-bamail is looking to broaden its horizons, wanting to enhance the perspective and introduce more segments and portions to attract users further. Surely, Ba-bamail has left no stone unturned in providing its customers with the best possible services and engagement.

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