VIETDAI Introduces Plastic-Free and Recyclable Tableware Products

VIETDAI Introduces Plastic-Free and Recyclable Tableware Products

“To-go boxes, to-go containers, food boxes to-go”
VIETDAI compostable food containers are perfect for various purposes. These disposable food containers are made from sugarcane bagasse which is plastic free and safe for the environment.

VIETDAI, a top-tier company that produces eco-friendly products for households, introduces its plastic-free and compostable food containers products. VIETDAI food container products are available in various sizes and models and are perfect for cafes and restaurants, residential, offices, and more. The company has created recyclable products through in-depth research and development. Their team of experts has designed these food containers that meet health standards and have passed FDA requirements, making them safe for users and the environment. “Our food container products are a perfect solution for disposable tableware. You don’t have to worry about having a stack of dishes after your party or events. Our food container products are disposable, making them extra space and safe time at your events,” said a VIETDAI representative.

VIETDAI has various 100% biodegradable tableware products in its online store. One of their popular products is to go boxes that are available in diverse sizes. They range from 6 inches to 9 inches and are made from eco-friendly materials like bamboo fiber and sugarcane bagasse. A VIETDAI company representative verifies that their products are compostable. This means 60% of the products will degrade within 24 months. In addition to being safe for the environment, VIETDAI recyclable tableware products are a simple solution to clean up food waste. No need to wash and dry. This will save time, decompose by the time and be hassle free.

“Our company has been using VIETDAI products for many years. We are enthusiastic because VIETDAI is aware of environmental sustainability and produces eco-friendly products,” said one of VIETDAI customers.

VIETDAI has many years of experience in producing to go containers. Shoppers can purchase their products at least 100 pieces or more. They deliver their product globally, and free shipping is available for orders more than $50. For first time buyers, they offer a 15% off on first order.


VIETDAI is a company that specializes in producing biodegradable and compostable products. Products made of compostable materials are much better for the environment than products made from plastics. VIETDAI products include pet wipes, poop bags, and recyclable Tableware. VIETDAI strives to provide biodegradable tableware and poop bag products that are safe for the environment. Its to go containers are 100% compostable, microwave-friendly, freezer-safe, water-resistant, and perfect for both hot and cold food.

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