Regulus Global Advisors Share Insights on the Relevance of Managed Futures Amidst Inflation

Capital Management Experts Explain How This Alternative Investment Approach Can Serve as a Diversification Tool During the Present Economic Precarity

As the world is shaken by the sudden and sharp rise in consumer goods, investors rush to find solutions on how they can secure their investments. Last June, the Consumer Price Index reflected an astounding 1.3% inflation from the previous month, the biggest jump in the past 17 years. Even more alarming is that the same month recorded an increase of 9.1% in the year-over-year inflation – the highest ever in four decades.

Amidst this economic challenge, a leading portfolio manager and industry expert believes alternative investment strategies to create diversification are of crucial importance more than ever. According to Regulus Global Advisors, a recognized leader in investment management, one of the options is to consider managed futures.

Futures contracts are legal agreements to secure a certain deal with a pre-determined price and at an agreed period. Investors can get professional assistance in handling futures contracts in what is called managed future investments. Though considered to be a less traditional approach, the Regulus Global Advisors cite that it is a proven effective strategy to diversify one’s portfolio and market.

“There should be an equal balance of potential for profit, but also loss,” explains the team at Regulus Global Advisors. “However, it can be backed by research to show the power of allocation to futures.”

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